Fit N Fab Journal: Knowing When is the Right Time to Change

I think different people have a different way of revelation when it comes to leading the Fit N Fab life. I, for one, is not known for watching my meals and loving sport-related activities. In fact, I don’t pay close attention to what I’m eating and I don’t like sports. Period.

Don’t worry, this post won’t be one where I would preach how you should be eating healthier and run to the nearest gym. You won’t believe me anyway, because hey, you all know me already right. Who am I kidding? But this is more of a story as to how I have finally shed around 6 kg. If you asked my friends, they knew I couldn’t care less about how much I weight. I’m pretty comfortable with my body image, regardless on how my family couldn’t stop telling me how fat I am. Yes, “fat” is the exact word they were using..


The moment of truth

It came about around the period where the girls started their Weight Loss Challenge with WRP. Because the WRP team needed to take the challenge participants’ measurements, they brought this huge machine (a sophisticated-looking one) where it measures your body composition and obesity diagnosis such as weight, Body Mass Index (BMI), Percentage Body Fat (PBF), muscle mass, etc.

My readings were off the chart, at least for myself. I weighed about  62.9 kg and that was a shock for me. Why? Because even when I was pregnant with Raysa, the heaviest I had ever been was 64 kg and I was pregnant at that time. I started to notice that most of my clothes from before joining Fashionese Daily didn’t fit me anymore. Clarity hit me that I should be making some changes, even if it’s a small change. With around 12 kg of fat over the recommended number and 5,1 kg under for muscle, I definitely needed to change my habit.

Think about it, what is the one number – when it comes to your weight – that will make you feel ready to move mountains and finally change for the better? For those who have been pregnant like myself, I bet being in your pregnancy weight is it! For others, you need to find your limit.

March 2012 – the before picture, of course :)

Knowing your limit

I don’t think it takes a moment of truth standing on a scale to know your limit. I think weight and body compositions are part and partial of your total fitness score. But long before I put myself on that weighting scale, I knew things weren’t as peachy as I imagined them to be.

I used to be able to climb two flights of stairs without the need of catching a breath. But these days, I find myself running out of breath even when I need to make my way to the first floor. Wow, age has really caught up with me. Oftentimes, I would find myself saying how jompo I am of getting tired easily. In fact, I said it a little too much that Hanzky banned that word in the office and in our Whatsapp Group.  If you aren’t half as fit as you are the  least 5 years ago, this should ring a bell.

Knowing your limit means don’t let yourself stray too far – watch the signs and don’t avoid stepping on the scale like I did for years :D


Small baby steps for a bigger change

So what did I do to tackle all of these?

Here’s what I need to tell you. I have a monstrous eating habit. I love to eat at midnight.  I find cooking in the middle of the night very therapeutic. And that is not to replace my dinner, that is one more meal after dinner. The thing is, I like to work late at night and eating in the middle of the night while I’m working makes me think clearly. On top of that, I need to be extra cautious when I’m preparing my midnight meal when my parents are in town, because they just despise this habit of mine so very much. I would tiptoe my way around the microwave, or else I would hear them preach on how eating in the middle of the night would make me fat. Seriously, I have very stern weight watchers police at home.

Another thing is, ever since I moved to Fashionese Daily, access to gorengan and buying snacks (hello, Boxmart!) are very easy. I also started to drink carbonated drinks as well as bottled tea and juices. High sugar intake, anyone?

Realising your bad habit is a small baby step. Deciding what to do with it is another baby step. Finally doing something to change your lifestyle is the biggest step that we all often fail to do.

My decision is not to take midnight meal anymore, cutting down all kinds of snacks and gorengan, and steer away from those bottled drinks as much as I can. But that doesn’t mean I avoid all three all the times, I’m merely cutting them down.

By the end of the girls’ Weight Loss Program, I too lost around 3 kg of weight just because I’ve decided to get rid of my bad habits.

So your homework today is recognising your bad habits that have been dragging you down for years and start doing something about it.

April 2013 and 6 kg lighter, yay!

Taking the extra miles: Exercise!

Boy oh boy, isn’t this the hardest part of them all. Years ago, I used to join the gym and do all sort of thing. But that wasn’t really my kind of thing. I’ve tried Yoga and liked it, I even got to a point where I took Power Yoga classes and enjoyed it very much. However, that was more than 6 years ago already and I’ve lost all flexibility that I once had and to get to a point where I’ll be able to go back to Power Yoga sans being dead half way through, that would take me some time.

So when the girls at the office decided to do Pilates, I joined them and I couldn’t be happier with my choice. I tried to commit to the sessions. Even though I have meetings or events out of the office on the day Pilates is scheduled, I would make a point to come back to the office and do the necessary evil: exercise.

There’s no one single exercise that excel from the rest. The best bet is to train with professionals and know what you need. But always combine cardio and muscle building exercises, which you could find out more in any of our Fit N Fab post and understand the different exercises that you could do.  Don’t just resort in throwing away all those fat! But maybe we should talk more about this in another post.

I resort in Pilates because our trainer, Rani (Pofelo is her Female Daily nickname), is an aced trainer that knows exactly what I (or we as a group) need and pushes our limits each session so that we progress fitness-wise. Not only that Pilates helps me shed the extra fat but also help to improve my fitness level, as well as toning down my body. So for me, this exercise works.

That extra miles is knowing what exercise you want to do and works for you, when you have, commit to it.

Rani and I during one of our Pilates sessions

So that’s it,  girls! Have you done a Fit N Fab change in your life recently and tell me about your journey, please.