Book Review: The HijUPreneur Recipe by Diajeng Lestari



Now this is what I call a high quality (creative) book.

Hijupreneur is a freshly-baked book from founder, Diajeng Lestari. Judging from the title, one must conclude this is all about how Ajeng came up with HijUp and everything around it. But then you may expect way more than that because what inside of this little book is a fully packaged and well developed thoughts on entrepreneurship itself.

From some of my passionate conversations with Ajeng, I can imagine she must have earned her degree from graduate school of business or management, not that I judge someone by his/her educational degree, but I apprehended so much and enlightened by her insight and resourceful thoughts. And I guess that’s what happens when you really follow your passion. She explains that as one of the topics in her book. She was the only student sit-in of Rhenald Khasali – a renowned business practitioner and academics, as well as Professor at the Faculty of Economic of the University of Indonesia – a class back in her college time, although she majored in Political Science.  Equipped with related knowledge and expertise, it is what makes her one to seek inspiration from.

Rhenald Khasali in his remark said, “When thousands of young people make their way in product entrepreneur stage, Ajeng stood with marketing entrepreneur and doing value creation instead. This is the example of generation C entrepreneurial skill which raised in camera branding and social media.” This is probably what differentiates Ajeng from other players. She doesn’t just sit there and run her online business, earning from what we call ‘hijab fashion euphoria’. She goes the extra miles by creating more value and impact in the industry itself, encouraging others, and taking an active role in advancing Indonesia’s mission to be the world’s Muslim fashion center.

And it all began with hijab. Ajeng as a ‘longtime’ hijaber smartly positioned hijab and its fashion evolution within one foundation that hijab means to cover, and also our identity as Muslimah. Being a better person with hijab is her ultimate motivation and you can see that she means it. She includes some stories of her hijab experience, and how she takes the time and put perspectives with every moment she shares.

Finally, for newcomers in entrepreneurial stage, you definitely need to read this book. No, it’s not just some standard advise on starting your business or make your own brand like, ‘find your own character’ and the like. You’ll learn the anatomy, get the knowledge, take some experiences that will motivate you, and also always nourish our soul with what’s is not just skin deep – blessing from god.