Beauty Boxes Madness; Beauty Treats, Lola Box & Vanity Trove

Gris wrote about subscription beauty box here and the reason why we can’t wait for our box(es) to arrive. Finally, we  received our boxes and by last week we had three boxes in our office. Not that we’re short of samples to try – and I’m sure any sane beauty junkies on our forum never short of one themselves. But we always love to try on new samples. Also, the anticipation of opening the surprise box is always heartwarming. :)

Now, it’s time for us to review the three boxes: Vanity Trove, Lola Box and Beauty Treats. They will be reviewed in the order of their subscription fee.

Vanity Trove | | IDR 180,000 per month

Fronted by the bombshell beauty blogger Harumi of My Tips Cantik, it’s a brand that already has its mark in the subscription beauty box industry because they’ve previously launched their business in Singapore and Malaysia successfully. I must say I have high hopes for their box because the one that I saw for the Singapore and Malaysia boxes are quite impressive. Although the price point which is very near to IDR 200,000 is a factor that I think would be the biggest factor of consideration for many subscriber. First and foremost, you’re paying that much for sample products!

But from the outset, the Vanity Trove box packaging is quite impressive and pretty. It’s a drawer type of box which you can always use to store away your beauty products neatly.

The products inside? Since they’re quite an established name in Singapore and Malaysia, I suspect they could get access to products that are sent in those boxes as well. So theirs have so much more variety. Though I couldn’t say that the sample sizes that is so small could justify the prize of the subscription fee. But you also get one or two full-sized products once in a while. So IDR 180,000 is still very reasonable.

They’re currently opening a subscription for their next box shipment, so if you’re curious what’s inside Vanity Trove box with ‘Summer Days’ as the theme, you better subscribe now.

Oh, actually what I love the most from them is the pretty booklet that contains some tips and tricks related to fashion and beauty as well as the list of products. Very few leaflets from the brands that I find not useful,  I will throw it immediately in the bin. All the information that I want regarding the product – such as product information, how to use it and the full price – is basically inside the booklet, along with some promo vouchers to get the products.


Lola Box | | IDR 145,000

I must say I quite like the design of the box, though the choosing of the material that envelop the box isn’t well executed, it somehow reminds me of the two-tone wedding invitation papers. I’m too picky, aren’t I? But that’s my first impression.

Another thing that I think the previous excel from this is the booklet effect. The information of the products that were included within this box is only printed in a piece of concorde paper with very little information and too much text. I’m a very visual person, so I love my information to be displayed and laid out in a very pretty way.

Lastly is of course the content of the box. I was hoping for a more exclusive products and not drugstore material. But it’s nice to see all the Orlane samples that I’ve been dying to try and they actually give a lot of samples too.


Beauty Treats | | IDR 95,000

The cheapest of the whole lot. So I think it’s safe to say, if their first box is great, it’s going to be easy for them to gain some fans. Of course, they’re also our partner from the very beginning.

But partner aside, the black box is pretty. Though they still have some pink touches – such as ribbons and tissue paper, etc – but the box doesn’t stick to the pink cliche of the beauty world. You got me at black box, Beauty Treats!

Secondly, for the price of IDR 95,000, what’s inside the box is really worth the value. Although there are a lot of sachet samples, but I also got my hands on two full-sized nail polishes.

The information is also outlay in a nice booklet with a one page beauty tips.

But the best thing is the voucher that they provided are also worth the hassle. I got IDR 100,000 Make Up For Ever Voucher and IDR 50,000 Lioele voucher if I want to get any full-sized products for one of the stores.


Have any of you subscribed to these subscription beauty boxes yet? And if you’ve received your box, what do you think?