This KATE Foundation Needs No Powder to Set!

I’ve shared with you my experience with KATE Lasting High Coverage Liquid Foundation and you all know how I highly praise it. Too bad that it isn’t available anymore now, but you can still get it Adam Beauty, while stock lasts. It’s been my Holy Grail (HG) foundation since forever and I thought I’m going to mourn this product being discontinued. When I looked up on KATE’s website, apparently they’ve got a new foundation version. As I reported here, I can’t resist not to get myself a bottle of KATE Powderless Liquid for Cover foundation.

Powderless you ask? Yep, that’s right. My assumption once I read the word powderless is that once you apply it, you will not need any powder to set it up – which is a normal thing to do once you’ve applied your foundation so that it will stay put all day and not slippery nor patchy.

But first things first, the formula and texture. Formula is liquid and somewhat thicker than KATE Lasting High Coverage Liquid Foundation but just like its predecessor the texture is so heavenly that it’s so easy to apply. I was afraid that it’s going to set on my face quite fast, like any cream to powder foundation, that I ended up with a high coverage foundation. For the coverage it’s leaning toward light medium coverage, where my acne scars get minimum coverage. I apply it using a foundation brush – any foundation brush that I’ve mentioned here will do. I wait for couple of minutes where eventually after I finished applying my eye makeup the foundation dries out from a slightly dewy feel to a nice velvety finish. Unlike its predecessor, the finish has no dewy look to it at all but I still love how Japanese foundation is able to give so little coverage yet it transforms your skin to a flawless complexion. I use no powder afterwards, only brushing my powder brush allover my face to give it a nice finishing touch.

Below are swatches comparison between KATE Lasting High Coverage Liquid Foundation (left) and KATE Powderless Liquid for Cover (right).

I paired it up with both silicone base primer and hydrating primer, and on my dry skin it seemed that the lasting power is quite alright. Of course on silicone base primer it feels like it has a better hold of the foundation, but most hydrating primer has that dewy and pearly effect that gives the foundation a little shimmer. So it’s entirely up to you.

I took this foundation for a test during my Pilates day, where at 6PM I have a one hour Pilates session and when I looked up in the mirror I don’t look like a clown though I’ve been sweating like a pig during the session. I’m extremely impressed! I blotted my face and the foundation was still there, though not as made up as it was in the morning. Since I had a fashion show to attend afterward, what I did was I piled up a bit of foundation on my cheeks, under eyes and nose area. The result was not patchy at all and it doesn’t crack! More impressed!

So the final verdict is, if you can get this product, you should! In Japan it should retail for below IDR 150,000. Fret not, you could also buy it online at Adam Beauty for USD 19. Even at that price, it’s still worth every penny! By far, it is one of the best foundations I’ve ever tried. Oh, it’s also available at drugstores across Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.