Tried & Tested: Clio Pencil Gel Liner Set

I’ve been eyeing Clio Gelpresso waterproof pencil gel liners since last year, yet I just got them in hand recently. It has been a very popular product, in Singapore especially, so months after the set was released it was always out of stock. What’s most interesting  about this product must be the formula as the name suggest: pencil gel liner. Pencil and gel collide? They promise the ease of use of a pencil, and the smooth striking color of a gel. Plus, what else can we expect from an eyeliner than a waterproof formula? Waterproof, and yes, they got it!

At first I was puzzled to choose between the huge color selection of Clio pencil gel liner individual sized. The first edition release consists of 12 colors and they have released more shades after a while. And then I saw the mini set. Quite a steal! This mini set contains 5 mini pencils, each 10cm in length and a bit longer than UD 24/7 mini. The shades are Beige Shine no.1, Golden Khaki no.2, Star Purple no.3, Dark Choco no.4 and Golden Black no.5, all nicely packed in a square tin.



The review?  Intense color in a single light stroke, and they glide smoothly, thanks to the gel formula. Oh dear, I love how they glide onto my eyelids much, much easier than any other pencil eyeliners. And the staying power? Some reviews said that this gel pencil is, however, not really smudge-proof. Well, if you rub it for about 10 seconds after application, of course it will smudge. But leave it on for 30 seconds, it completely stays put for hours to come! And that performance has been proven on my lids, though it is advisable to use them over a primer, if you have oily lids.


From left to right; beige shine, golden khaki, star purple, dark choco and golden black. The khaki one is a bit identical to black. They have subtle shimmer in each color. Too bad they don’t come in  Jade Green color; I think it’s a must- have green color.


And what more fun with this pencils, you can easily layer them up, just like what they illustrate below. I wore beige shine as the first layer, then put the star purple over it. No hassle and no mess! And you can also wear beige shine color on the water mark, to brighten up your eyes.


the illustration from Clio website. Somebody translate them please :)


This is definitely quite a steal!  The individual,  regular size costs S$18.90, this set only cost me S$25 (around IDR 200.000)! Clio Gelpresso waterproof pencil gel liner set is available at Watsons- Singapore.