Today’s Outfit & Wedding Pictures of our Chief Geek!

Who do we bug if our sites (God forbid) are inaccessible? Of course the Chief Geek, Eko! The poor guy always has to hear us shouting at him whenever the sites have problems. But not for the last … err two weeks. Because he’s currently on leave for the preparation of his wedding and of course, now, the honeymoon.

It was such a great day where most of us attended the party. It was also a funny sight when the MC called out his colleagues from the office – Female Daily Network – and most of them are women with a very few men.

So, instead of a normal ‘Today’s Outfit’ pictures, that are mostly taken where we go for events or at our office, the pictures at this post is going to be a little bit different. We are sharing the joyous moment of the Chief Geek’s wedding. :) Enjoy!

The mandatory group photo. We have none where we pose with what @EdwardSuhadi, the speaker on our last FD Kickstarter session, called as ‘pose basi harus dibasmi‘, LOL! Instead, we opt for something to remember and we’re pretty sure the bride and groom would definitely smile when they look up this photo in the future. 

The girls of course have to take many pictures. And if you’re running out of inspiration of what to wear to a wedding, you could always open this post and see the many different styles that we have. Since it’s a daytime wedding, a knee length dress is much preferred.

This is me and Ipong  – or Fonnyta, the Managing Editor of @TravelersDaily, the newest member of our family.

I’m wearing:

Unbranded dress that I bought ages ago from Market Plaza / Missoni heels / Minimal clutch / New Look bracelet


And lastly, we wish you a wonderful life together,  Mr. & Mrs. Chief Geek. :) And come back soon! Our server needs you. Just joking.