Another HG Status for KATE; Now it’s the Foundation!

Ira’s article about KATE Mineral BB Gel Cream reminded me about my fondness towards KATE lasting high coverage liquid foundation. Many foundations come and go, but I’ve gone through about three bottles of this foundation since six or seven years ago – the height of my Japanese makeup craze days. To date, with many foundation releases, I still find this foundation to be high up on the holy grail (HG) status.

KATE Lasting High Coverage Liquid Foundation alongside KATE Powderless Liquid for Cover – new version, and I will also review this in another post.

The texture of this foundation is liquid which is quite watery. Oddly, it reminds me of the Lunasol Liquid Foundation – a brand that is a more expensive sister of the Kanebo brand. Though the bottle is opaque, when you shake the bottle you can hear that there are two different textures within the bottle – liquid foundation part and water. When you pump it straight out without shaking the bottle to mix the two ingredients first, you’ll see the water part oozing out as well. I suggest you to really shake well before each use, because if you don’t when you reached half way down the bottle, you’re going to run out of the water part and the texture becomes creamier which also means for the first half of the bottle the texture will be very runny.

As there’s a lot of water soluble within this foundation and the foundation coverage is light to medium. With one application you get a very light coverage, that evens out your skin complexion but not enough to cover dark spots. But what I love about this foundation is that it gives you that dewy complexion, one that you usually get from wearing BB Cream. It also looks great for an everyday makeup where you want to have a natural- looking makeup. If I have a really bad blackĀ under-eye, I would dab a little bit of concealer on that area after I applied my foundation. Application is best with flat and tapered foundation brush as it will even out the foundation without being too heavy. It’s really easy to apply – of course on a moisturized face. Let it sit on your skin for a while – leave it for five minutes while you’re doing eye makeup before you apply your loose powder.

For a more medium coverage, usually I would add another layer. Since it’s very light and watery in texture, it doesn’t get cakey even when you add layer after layer. Of course, being reasonable is the key, girls.

Here’s what I truly love from the foundation: it’s lightweight and sheer, but still gives a reasonable amount of coverage. Another plus point is that, though it’s very hydrating but it’s not runny on the face and I feel that it doesn’t makes my face producing sebum by mid-day like any other hydrating foundation. I hear that people with oily face also love this foundation, but I can’t vouch for its oil control though. The trick for oil control that I’ve heard from people with oily skin is to combine the foundation with a compact or loose powder that is matte in finish.

Unfortunately, it’s not available in Indonesia. You can only get it from our neighbouring countries such as Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. The price point is around IDR 200,000 – 250,000, depending on where you get it. You can also purchase it from Adam Beauty. I suspect that this product has been discontinued, but while it’s still available online, you better try it and if you love it, stock up!

Rest assure, girls, I’ve done my share of pleading to the Kanebo people in Indonesia to bring KATE to our shore. I’m beginning to think that I should begin a petition because I really love this brand to bits!