In Store This Month: M.A.C Archie’s Girls

One of my friends PM-ed right away after she knew M.A.C launched this limited edition.  Who doesn’t “scream” when you look at these cute packaging on M.A.C Archie’s Girls? ARGH!

If you’re a huge fan of comic books, than you probably know about Archie’s Girls – Betty and Veronica.  Both of them are Archie’s girlfriends. So it’s funny and interesting to see M.A.C adopted the concept into their cosmetics and launched one collection into two different vibes.

As taken from the press release, this collection is about Girl-next-door Blonde Betty Vs. vivacious, spoiled rich-girl, Brunette Veronica, an epic rivalry, now in two contrasting M.A.C colour collections, packaged in exclusively designed cases.

I have to say M.A.C really knows how to steal our heart.  Probably for some M.A.C lovers out there you can buy the collection just because you want to get these cute packaging!  Does it make any sense, girls?  Haha, yes it does.  But before the impulse buying begins, hold yourself a little bit, and make sure to try the products first at M.A.C counter.  Probably some of them look good on swatches or on someone else, but when you apply it on your face (eyes, lips, cheeks) it might show up to be different colors.  :)

Archie’s Girls collection comes with Lipglass, Lipstick, Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner, Opulash Mascara, Pigment, Nail Lacquer, Powder Blush, Pearlmatte Face Powder, and Eyeshadow x4.  Betty Collection offers a softer, cute girly type of colors (except one dark lipstick color).   Betty leans towards pink coral colors, whereas Veronica brings you darker sultry colors.  So it depends on which side you prefer the most?  Ah, nevermind, we can pick whatever we like from these two girls.  :)


After looking at the whole collection, I think I do want to try two lipglasses from this Archie’s Girls collection.  Kiss & Don’t Tell Lipglass from Betty’s side (the pink coral one) and Strawberry Malt from Veronica’s side (the bright red one).  Are there any products that you would like to try, girls?

Archie’s Girls collection will be available at M.A.C counters in the middle of this month, so let’s wait a liiittle longer. :)