All That Glitters: GianaMayra Silver

A quick glance at my family history will unearth a solid line of scrupulous business people and crack finance gurus but unfortunately for me, neither monetary savvy nor superior mathematical prowess are hereditary genetic traits. Thankfully the buck of financial fecklessness has seemingly stopped with me, seeing that the words “fiduciary responsibility” actually mean something to everyone else in my family.

Designer (and aunt to this editor!) Utty Wakkary © GianaMayra


One of my dear aunts has married her gift of commerce with her insatiable passion for art and fine jewelry when she started her own jewellery line. Jakarta native, Utty Wakkary began her foray into jewellery in 2002, when she dabbled in designing and producing fine gold jewellery under her eponymous label, Utty Jewellery. Without compromising her duties as a devoted mother to four children, she produced earrings, bracelets, and necklaces that won her favour with the upper echelon of Jakarta society through word of mouth. Utty Jewellery began winning national design awards for modern and contemporary design; soon enough, word of her art spread to foreign shores, and she never looked back.

As seen on singer Lea Simanjuntak © GianaMayra


Kinetic energy turned into full-on momentum when GianaMayra was launched in 2010. A spinoff jewellery line that specialises in pearls and precious stones set in silver, GianaMayra designs gravitated towards the whimsical and playful. Products in the line are rich with details that reward those who appreciate the art, and no two copies of the same design exist. Materials such as semiprecious stones, pearls, and druze are sourced from all over the Indonesian archipelago and lovingly assembled by a team of local master silversmiths.

Playful cuffs, rings, and pendants take a cue from nature. © GianaMayra

Adding to the already colourful e-commerce shopping scene in Indonesia, the new GianaMayra website ( will soon offer an online shopping service so you may satiate your cravings for cold, hard bling from the warm light of your computer monitor. For a wider selection of exquisite jewellery, treat yourself and visit the GianaMayra showroom at the address below for a shopping experience that truly manifests the brand’s credo and the personal philosophy of anyone who wears it: urban chic, unique, and confident.

Jl. Gunawarman no. 57
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta (Open Tues-Sun, 10:00 – 17:00)
Tel 0816847204