Yay or Nay: Fatin Sidqia’s Wardrobe by Dian Pelangi

Okay, maybe some of you have the same expression as I was upon hearing the name, “Fatin, who?”  That’s what’s left for those who don’t follow the X Factor Indonesia stream, the ‘it’ song competition that flows today’s conversation. And Fatin Shidqia is one of the contestants who shines bright from the beginning. She’s only 16 years old, the youngest contender, and she’s wearing hijab.

From an ordinary high school girl, wearing the ‘conventional’ style of plain hijab, she’s now becoming the center of attention, from social media talk to infotainment darling. And as a singer performing in gala stage, Fatin’s wardrobe is one of the main businesses for her team. On recent performances, thanks to the discussion in the social media, she got the special wardrobe and styling from Dian Pelangi, two weeks in a row.

So, this is some real challenges for fashion stylist, or fashion brand. Fatin’s petite body and chubby look are there to encounter. Anyway, she definitely looked prettier on week 1 with those pink ensemble, but many would say the harem pants are something to spare. Harem pants, especially the slouchy and saggy such as this will do no good to flaunt her body type.



And again, on week 2 everyone was like, “She just looks like Abunawas singing!” What’s with the big harem pants? With her not-so-tall body type, a carrot pants style won’t hurt. In leather or Ikat print, maybe. This was some poor execution for her total look. The harem pants alone was a blunder, plus the full, heavy songket coat. I don’t see this as a costume for stage performance, at all.  And worst of all, she wore a hijab style that exposed her full, round face. Oh, dear Fatin … you deserve better.

With this heavy boho-ethnic look, she delivered ‘Girl on Fire’ by Alicia Keys. Okay the wardrobe color range did match the flame: orange-red color. But a more tough look with a patch of leather in monochrome color and a simple black-would do more justice for the singer and the song.



After all, those outfit choices didn’t keep you, Fatin,  from performing with full of confidence, which we are proud of. So please, keep it coming!