March Empties: Products I’ve Used Up

I’ve been using and trying a lot of products since…I don’t know, one and half year ago?  I have a soft spot for beauty, skincare and bath & body products, obviously.  And it’s getting worse.  *cough* I’m not finished with one lipstick yet I bought other lipsticks.  I had shower gels stocked up, yet I couldn’t resist to buy another one.   Especially when I heard someone that I can trust say something good about a product, it feels like I have to buy and try it right away.

So it feels great to know I’ve used up a few.   Finally!  :D

1.  Avène Skin Recovery Cream - I found this is such a great cream for my sensitive skin.  I’ve been struggling with acne for about one year, and I was afraid to try a new cream that acts as a moisturizer for my skin.  I used creams from my dermatologist, but at some point those dermatologist creams made my skin SUPER dry.  So I changed my routine a little bit when I got this – I used Avène Skin Recovery Cream in the morning.  It worked great.  I put foundation on top of it and it gave the right moisture that my skin needed.  Plus, Avène Skin Recovery Cream doesn’t make my skin worse; I haven’t got any additional acne when I used it.  Definitely will repurchase it again.

2. Bourjois Healthy Mix Correcting Concealer – I haven’t found my holly grail concealer yet.  This concealer is okay, but it doesn’t conceal my acne perfectly. For my under eye dark circles, this concealer left my skin a little bit dry. Not to mention it only has one shade, so imagine how tricky it is. In my opinion this concealer is great for covering spots and acne scars.

3. Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter (Shade Cotton Candy) - This is the first Lip Butter that I bought from Revlon.  No regret at all with this one.  Cotton Candy is my safe go- to color, nude pink that looks great with any eye looks.  I want to repurchase it, but first things first, I have to use up my current nude pink lipstick.

4. Nivea Lip Care Essential – This is the one, ladies.  If you have dry lips, go to Guardian or any supermarkets near your home or office, then buy it right away.  For some people this lip care might be too much, too sticky, too buttery.  But come on, I have dry lips, I need something to keep me from licking my lips.  To be honest, I don’t mind having that sticky feeling on my lips, as long as my lips are not dry, I’m okay. :D

5. Biore Cleansing Oil Sheet (Refill) – I already wrote an article about it along with other Biore Makeup Remover products here.  This is the third refill that I bought and I’ve used up.  I can’t do my cleansing routine without it now.  I wear makeup all day long, so at night I really want to make sure I cleanse my face properly.  The product does the job very well!  In fact, I have the smaller size that’s suitable for travel or just to put it in my handbag.  I love this product to bits. It’s definitely my holly grail makeup wipe.

6. Avène Thermal Spring Water – This is the third bottle and I already bought a new one.  That’s how much I love it.  Deszell already posted many good things about Avène Thermal Spring Water in this post, you can read it to find out how great this product really is.  I use Avène Thermal Spring Water as a toner, after my skincare routine and after I put a full face makeup.  I’m in the middle of an acne treatment, so I’m experiencing those days when my skin peels off like crazy, and this product is the one that helps me go through those days.  I spray it then pat my face gently. This is a multitasker product, ladies.  I highly recommend it to you.

7. Avène Cleanance Gel – Excuse me, I just realized three out of ten products I’ve used up are from Avène.  I didn’t plan it seriously. :)  Anyway, I’ve used Avène Cleanance Gel to make sure I have no makeup on my face after I wipe it off with Biore Cleansing Oil Sheet.  This cleansing gel is soft and doesn’t sting.  Right up my alley.  It contains Avène Thermal Spring Water that helps reduce irritation and soothe the skin.  Avène Cleanance Gel also contains Cucurbita Pepo to control sebum and oil free. Perfect for my acne prone skin.

9. TRESemme Anti Hair Fall Shampoo – I wash my hair every day, so I need a big bottle of shampoo.  And now I need another bottle!  It lives up to its name;  it ,indeed, reduces hair fall.  I noticed I didn’t lose hair as much as I did before using this shampoo.  It smells great, and I notice that my hair is also softer.  BIG LOVE!

10. The Body Shop Sweet Lemon  Shower Gel – I love how it leaves a fresh scent on my body, but I wish this shower gel could soothe my skin more.  Well, for a shower gel, this is okay, but I prefer the other ones composed of ingredients that will soothe the skin.

That’s all for the moment, ladies.  How about you?  Have you used up some of your products? :)