IFW2013; My Favorites of Ardistia New York and Friederich Herman

In spite of the crazy traffic last Saturday, I managed to come to JCC to attend the show of  Ardistia New York Spring Summer 2013 collection.  I was really looking forward to see her work, to be honest.  And another designer that caught my interest as usual was Friederich Herman.  He showcased his reworking collection, but still has his “DNA” combined with the concept that was given to him.

Let’s start with Ardistia New York first.  Normally, I prefer black, dark gray, and blue for my outfit.  But I couldn’t help myself to fall in love with the colors that she chose!  The earth nude brown colors mixed with bright and light colors.  Perfection.  I did notice most of the looks are very suitable as “Chic Office Look”.  Don’t you agree?  Somehow they’re so casual yet we can see the professional vibe from this collection.  I love the hair, bags, shoes, everything. :)


Now, let’s move on to Friederich Herman with the concept of  “Collective Passion and Switching Off”.  He got the inspiration from the beauty of the complexity of modern life in our current life.  As usual, we can see the masculine side of a woman through Friederich Herman’s work, in a good way, of course.   Friederich combined masculinity and femininity into effortless style.  Each look has its own statement piece, such as leather vest, skirt, or the unique top pieces.  All of them showed urban style along with modernity.

Did you come to Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 last week?  Who are your favorite designers? :)