Panasonic Zoom in Beauty 2 Contest: The Final Stage of Finding a Talented Winner

Zoom In Beauty is a competition held by Panasonic to find beautiful and talented young women in Indonesia.   Speaking of beauty, it’s not all about the physical aspect, but also inner beauty.  Through this competition, Panasonic is extending their appreciation of talented young Indonesian women.  Not only that, Panasonic is also giving lessons to the 10 finalists. I believe that this is a great opportunity to learn many great things from the experts-an unforgettable experience of your life!

This year, in a very short period of time, there are 1,600 applicants who signed up for Zoom In Beauty 2.   The number of applicants has increased to more than 340 applicants from the previous year.  I can see why people are interested in this competition. The top 10 finalists can learn a lot of things: from makeup, communication, etiquette, personality and table manner to modeling lesson.  Those are subjects that every girl dreams of learning! :)

Now, let’s take a look at the mechanism of Zoom In Beauty 2.  It is divided into 3 stages :

Stage 1 (1 November 2012 – 10 December 2012) – The first stage is when the applicants fill in the form online at Panasonic Zoom In Beauty 2 Facebook.  This stage requires them to choose one Panasonic product that represents their personality and also upload their photo.

Stage 2 (21 December 2012 – 20 Januari 2013) – The second stage is for the 50 finalists, chosen based on vote.  There are challenges in this stage: create a video about Panasonic Beauty Product and write an article about the product after they used it.  All videos and articles are then uploaded to Panasonic Zoom In Beauty 2 Facebook.  The 10 people chosen by the most votes proceed to the next stage.

Stage 3 (28 January 2013 – 20 February 2013) –  The final stage is when the judges choose two winners and all voters determine the favorite winner.

I attended the event, and actually it was no surprise to find the 10 finalists were extremely talented. They have a huge interest in beauty.  Some of them can speak in foreign languages other than English.  There were also finalists who love photography, writing, even diving!  One finalist is a dancer and has won a dance competition in Korea.  It was very  interesting to see young women who are talented from different arrays of fields of interest.  :)

This year, the main prize for the winners is a trip to Japan!  They will learn more about beauty and Panasonic beauty products.  In Japan, they will also learn about Panasonic’s mission to be the No.1 Green Innovation Company.  The winners will be the special guests at Panasonic Gobel Awards.  How lucky! Congratulations, girls!


Aldora Handoyo - 1st Winner of Panasonic Zoom In Beauty 2

Shinta Rizky Aulia - Runner Up & Favorite Winner of Panasonic Zoom In Beauty 2