Lipstick Monday: Vampy Lip Color

If you’re looking for a dark red sexy vampy lip, M.A.C Diva is a great option to get that kind of look.  I’ve been trying new colors lately and pushing myself to get out of my comfort pinky- nude zone.

M.A.C Diva has a matte finish, and the color is opaque.  On my lips and on my skin, this one looks SO bold.  Literally.  This bold color is a first for me, so I seriously gathered all of  my confidence to rock it.  Haha.  I found this type of lipstick to be perfect for night time, but I just couldn’t help myself and wore it to work.  And my friends said the color looked good on me.  Yes!!  :)

Please do take note if you have dry lips like me, you have to make sure to scrub the lips first to slough off the dry skin and then put a good lip balm before applying the lipstick.  As for a dark red color lipstick like this, we need a mirror!  It’s not the kind of lipstick that you can apply easily without looking at your lips’ reflection.  I use a lip brush to create the outer line than fill the rest of my lips from the tube.  Those of you who don’t own a lip brush, it’s okay to use it straight from the tube, but we’ll need a Q-tip to clean out the mess.  To achieve a neater finish, I recommend using a lip liner first.

Over all, I love the color and I think this color is suitable for all skin tones and is perfect for someone who sometimes want to wear something “out of the box”.  M.A.C Diva is a permanent line, so it is available at all M.A.C counters.  It retails for IDR 210,000.

So, are you a fan of vampy lipstick?  What is your favorite?

  • ketupatkartini

    wiih, enggak deeh…
    looks good on you? mana foto FOTDnya Gris? :D

    • grisselda

      =)) emang sedikit nyeremin sih, Mba, kalo mau pake lipstik yang ini.
      nanti yah, aku upload foto FOTD-nya di Clozette Daily :D

  • Riris

    agak syereem yaa.. bener2 sesuai namanya buffy the vampire, :))

    • grisselda

      hehe, iya emang agak2 serem, vampy banget warnanya, tapi sekali2 pake warna yang beda seru juga, sih. :D

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