5 Things That I Always Replenish Every Month

There are a few items that I need to replenish often, although for some they are considered simple and unimportant, but in real life they are essential to have. I use these every single day, and I know I will need the restock at least every three weeks.

1.  Cotton Pads

Cotton Pad is an essential in my skincare routine. I use it to apply toner.  Of course, for nail polish lovers, cotton pads help us remove nail polish easily.

2. Facial Foam

In order to clean my face thoroughly after long hours of wearing makeup, I need a face wash.  I always buy it once a month, depending on how big the bottle is.  If it’s a smaller one, I can have an empty bottle in a matter of three weeks. So this is definitely a must buy item every month.

3.  Makeup Remover Wipes

This is very handy if I have to go to an event after office hour, especially when I need to redo my makeup.  Carrying cleansing gel and toner in my makeup pouch is just such an inconvenience.  Having makeup remover wipes at all times is the answer.

4.  Tissue

We need tissue to clean up a lot of things.  It is a cheap product, yet practical to wipe our sweats, spilled drinks, etc.  And we can bring tissue everywhere we go.  If you have a few bags, I suggest you put one pack of tissue in each bag.  You’ll never know when you’re going to need tissue and it’s a handy thing to have in case one of my friends needs it.

5.  Hand Sanitizer

I’ll never know when I have to clean my hands. Unexpected things happen, so I always remind myself to put hand sanitizer in each bag and on my desk at work. Oh, and it is indeed handy if I’m just too lazy to walk to the sink.

Doing grocery shopping every month is a common thing to do; from household goods to bath and body products.  I often get overwhelmed because I have to carry groceries by myself. Another thing is when I forget to buy one of the 5 products above. I have zero desire to go back, picturing how long I should wait in line just to buy one item is just a big no-no.

Speaking of grocery shopping, it always makes me excited to shop but sometimes doing it the traditional way is just very inconvenient. It would be great if we could do grocery shopping online. We won’t have to struggle with Jakarta’s traffic and not to mention the hassle of finding a parking spot. By doing our groceries online, we won’t have to wait in line, and we can save more money, energy and time!  We just have to wait 2 – 3 days for the package to arrive at our doorstep. :)

Online shopping also makes us become more aware of our spending because we can see how much money we spend on the screen after adding more items in the shopping cart.  I personally find myself more “pakem” when I see how much money being spent in a regular store where I just put stuff that caught my interest in the shopping cart.  I’m glad that nowadays, not only that I can spend my money online for clothes, but also for shopping the essential needs at the new online grocery, Sukamart. What I love about Sukamart is that they also thrive to give you the best deal. You will be free from the hassle that you might experience at the cash register like you would at the supermarket. Most importantly, Sukamart always updates their products and stocks.

I got in touch with Sukamart and they agreed to give a special gift to Fashionese Daily readers: a limited time coupon for 50% off orders below IDR 200,000 (or a maximum value of IDR 100,000!). To use the coupon, enter the code below at checkout:

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