Today’s Outfit: What I’ve Done with My Tenun Makassar

I’ve actually had this tenun Makassar for quite a while from Syita during her trip there last year. However, the fabric was abandoned in the corner of my closet for months because I haven’t had any idea of what to make of it. I mean, look at the pattern and color. It’s so pretty right? I, of course, wouldn’t want to make it into the wrong type of clothes that I could not wear.

Then one day I talked to Maya, our Digital Account Executive who likes to draw and design clothes and she suggested that I make a skirt from the fabric. She even helped in drawing it so I can give it to the seamster.

And voila.. a week later I have this pretty colorful skirt that becomes my current favorite outfit :)

Unbranded shirt | Kle jacket | Custom made skirt from tenun Makassar | Marks & Spencer pantyhose | Buttercup shoes | Swatch watch | Kate Spade bag

A closer look of my colorful bag.