Sensitive, Dry, Irritated Skin? Be Gone!

I caught the Clarisonic bug about a year ago. And as expected, I knew my skin would react to it and yes short after, my skin was purging. My skin was really dry, flaky, felt tight and extremely red. I had a few tiny bumps and it felt itchy and irritated. At that time, I found out that my moisturizer didn’t do anything to help my skin’s condition. So I hastily searched Sephora and found this brand, First Aid Beauty (FAB) and it said to be suitable for sensitive skin. The products are free of harsh chemicals and known allergens including parabens, phthalates, alcohol, fragrances and artificial dyes. I bought the set consists of Ultra Repair Cream, Face Cleanser, and Facial Radiance Pads.

Today’s review will be about the Ultra Repair Cream.

Reading the descriptions over on Sephora, I knew I had to give it a try and I placed an order right away. My skin was in dire need of aid. A few weeks later (sooner than expected, luckily), it arrived and that night I used it right away.

It has antioxidant properties too!

The cream works its magic like no one’s business. It soothed and calmed my distressed skin seconds after applying it. It has a thick, rich, whipped-cream texture but it is not greasy. It absorbs to the skin right away, leaving my skin soft and supple.  During the first month, I religiously used it day and night. The redness was reduced, dry patches were diminished, my skin was hydrated and the inflammation receded. Finally, my skin was happy.

My first reaction was, “where has this been all my life?”. I am beyond glad that I found this. This is the first moisturizer that actually help reduced my redness big time. I have a sensitive skin to begin with. My face was generally red all the time, especially around the nose. I had tried enough products and yet got disappointed over and over again because none seemed to help. One day, FAB Ultra Repair Cream came along and become my savior.

This cream is multi functional too. I could use it on my face and body as well. This had helped to hydrate my dry elbows from all of the sliding on the desk all day long. It works for knees too; basically anywhere I needed some extra moisture. Smooth skin day and night, who doesn’t want that? Whenever my skin is acting up, Ultra Repair Cream comes to the rescue.

FAB Ultra Repair Cream is sold at USD 28 on Sephora. For that price, you get 6 oz (170.1 g) of product! I’m telling you, my jaw dropped when I opened the package and found that big tub of goodness. I’ve been using it for about 9 months now and it’s still about half left. I moved it to smaller jars to keep in my gym bag and in my office. Perfect :)

Where to get it? Through our own Beauty Warehouse @ MarketPlaza of course!



  • sugarenspice

    Udah beberapa kali coba nitip PO, tapi selalu OOS katanya di Sephoranya :(

    • pablohoney

      Waduh, coba di atau deh. Ada juga disitu :)

  • DesZeLL

    Tika you make me want this cream even more! I remember that you’ve recommended this cream before when I wrote about Benefit skincare.

    Looks like a good product, considering my skin is also dry and sensitive.

    • pablohoney

      Yes yes that was way back when, and I’m still using this cream to this day. This cream has saved my skin so many times I can’t even say enough good things about it.

      This works great too if you got sunburn, cools the skin instantly :)

  • nopai

    Hemh… ada lagi yang harus dibeli nih :)
    Thanks udah review, Tik.

    Amal, kalo mau beli, nebeng yaaaa.. hahhaha..

    • pablohoney

      You’re welcome! Itu ada lho yg ukuran kecilnya 2 oz for USD 12, lumayan lah buat coba2 :)

  • ztecute

    ada gak y d drugstore lokal / os lokal?

    • pablohoney

      As far as I know belum ada, PO aja di MarketPlaza!

  • MrsLucky

    Market Plaza itu apa yah.. mau jg dong order cream nya… (nubie nih blom tau yg dimaksud market plaza yg mana)

    • pablohoney

      MarketPlaza ada di forum, bagian paling bawah, klik yg Beauty Warehouse, pakai sistem PO. Di baca2 aja dulu. There are T&Cs on each seller. HTH!

  • lelasibia

    woo thx for the review,,, this is one i need

    • pablohoney

      You’re welcome :)

  • MrsLucky

    thankss infonya….
    masi rada bingung ama forum… buat baca replyan balik kesini aja uda ga tau jalan nya.. sampe cari2 di history n direfresh lagi… :p

    but this forum is amazing.. so many great review n info…
    sampe ga tau mau kemana duluan… kyk anak kecil di taman hiburan, bingung mau coba yg mana duluan… :p

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  • Lenny

    Are you still using this cream today? I’ve been eyeing this one together with the radiance pads, but since it has mixed reviews, I have some doubts in using them. Plus the price is not cheap. My skin is on a purging state right now since I tried out Ki*hls skincare, which is quite expensive as well. That’s why I’m now more careful on what I spend and use on my skin :(

    • pablohoney

      No, I’ve given this cream about a month ago to someone who needs it more than I do now. He has commented that the cream has made his skin in better condition. No dry patches, calms it and makes it hydrated.
      Try the small size aja dulu, di Sephora US ada kok, $12 for 2oz.

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  • Mayla

    Thanks ya reviewnya.. Tapi cream ini won’t clog pores kan? Takut bikin breakout deh kalau dipakai pas lagi berjerawat.

    • deszell

      IMO jarang produk kecantikan yang clogged pores, walaupun mengandung silikon. Yang clogged pores itu biasanya adalah pembersihan yang tidak sempurna, atau dalam kata lain nggak double cleansing. HTH.