Guilty Pleasure: One Direction Fragrance, Anyone?

Raise your hand if hearing ¬†One Direction songs on the radio or TV is part of your guilty pleasure! Come on girls, don’t be shy :) I know one girl at the FDHQ who stated pretty obviously that it is her guilty pleasure.

Want to add up something to your guilty pleasure? How about One Direction fragrance!

The English-Irish boyband have inked a licensing deal with Olivann Beauty to release its first fragrance and other stuff too. It will be launched by this year around fall at department stores, concentrating on the markets where the band is touring first and roll out to the rest of the market later on. No name yet as of now, but we will know soon for sure.

They will be tapping the same market as Justin Bieber’s fanbase, and it seems like a wide market from what I can see. Might be a good idea for Valentine’s gift idea for your spouse if it’s already available now. But too bad it isn’t.

So what do you think ?