Wednesday Wishlist : Benefit Confessions of a Concealaholic

I really can’t wait.  You probably already  know Benefit Cosmetics will come to Indonesia in May. Yes, FINALLY! :D  So, I guess it’s time to add one product to my beauty wish list.   I literally want all Benefit  blushes, not to mention the primer and mascara.  But sometimes, you have to set your priority right.  I also want the other stuff, but I have to know what I really need.  That means I need some good concealers to conceal my dark circle and also my acne and spots. Benefit Confessions of a Concealaholic is what I’m eyeing right now.

In my opinion, applying concealer is a bit tricky.  If it’s good for dark circle, doesn’t mean it’s going to work well with spots.  I honestly think each area needs its own concealer because some of them need a thick consistency, some need more of a runny consistency concealer.  We also have to know the right color to fight the problem areas.  Yellow based concealer is great to cover dark circle, orange based concealer is great for people who have darker skin tone, and pink based concealer can brighten dull skin.  Of course it is possible to have one multipurpose concealer if I barely have problem areas.  Honestly, if I have healthy skin I think I just need one, but the fact is I need more than one, so yeah, I need to buy this kit.



Benefit Confessions of a Concealaholic kit contains :

  • That Gal - brightening face primer.
  • Boi-ing - industrial strength concealer in 2 shades (01, 02) for custom concealing.  This is great for acnes and spots.
  • Erase paste (02 medium) – brightening camouflage for eyes and face.  From what I’ve read this is the one for under eyes dark circles.
  • Lemon Aid - color correcting eyelid primer.
  • Eye Bright - instant eye brightener, put it on the inner corners.
  • Concealer Brushes

…Which means everything I need is in this kit. :)

Before I buy it, I guess I have to find the real swatches photo because I think there’s a color that will look too dark on my skin, but for $34, I guess having the complete package (minus one darker color) of concealers is still a great deal.


  • nopai

    Kayaknya gue kepengen ini..

  • Calupict

    I got realness of concealness already (isinya kurleb sama tapi ada lip plump dan that gal minus kuas).

    • grisselda

      do you love it? :)

      • Calupict

        Yes. Portable abis bawanya :)