Sneak Peek: Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

Back to the 60s, or at least that’s how it felt stepping into the Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2013 Press Review, which was held in Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur. Delivering look-good, feel-good design, Michael Kors translated vibrancy of California blue sky, clear swimming pool, nautical stripes and shades of bright colors while combining elegant 3-dimensional design of splicing technique, oval and round geometric shapes, adding a free spirited, yet feminine feel to the whole collection.


1. Double breasted coat in solid bright colour

This elegant, double- breasted red coat is what Michael Kors calls the ‘front row’ coat. When the collection hits the stores, the weather will still be cold by then and this coat can be worn by people of the front row of the Fashion Week in February, hence the name.  When I first saw this coat, I was taken aback by the round pockets. I had never seen anything like it before. It was love at first sight!

2. Clear blue sky, on your dress!

The fabric pattern of the blue sky dress is a depiction of the Malibu sky and the yellow zip shoulder crepe dress is just a beautiful and cheerful color to wear.

3. 3-D Colorblocking

Michael Kors captures a 3-dimensional design through the colorblocking and pleating of this Shantung dress. Can you imagine twirling in this beautiful dress?

4. Petals on your clothes

Speaking of 3-dimensional design, this particular creme encrusted gold top was unexceptionably stunning. The detail of the gold petals is just immaculate.

5. Geometric touch for the silhouette

Geometrical shapes are clearly stated in this collection as we can see from these two dresses, giving that extra “oomph’ of an already elegant design.

6. Playing with stripes

Stripes, be it horizontal or vertical, can be found in this collection. Perfect for playtime. Think of sunbathing in St. Barts or an afternoon picnic in the park.

7. Glamour = Geometric

Can’t get enough of geometric? You want something more than just solid colors and more prints in your life?

Michael Kors Ready-to-Wear collection has something for everyone and as equally stunning as the luxury collection. ‘Geometric glamour’ is translated in this collection through animal prints, tie dyes, stripes, bright colors, all mirroring similar design idea of its luxury counterpart. Designed to be worn either as stand-alone pieces or together, this collection is chic, yet versatile, perfect for busy Fashionistas.


8. Understated elegance with neutral hues

Although bright colors can be easily seen across the collection, understated elegance of neutral hues of white, creme and black are as equally important.


9. The new interpretation of classic B&W

I think no collection is complete without the classic B&W pieces. This loose interpretation of the B&W is well-executed with not so perfect geometric prints and stripes. Combining several trends at the same time without being too much. This is one of the trends from the current collection that you can wear for many seasons to come.


10. Utilitarian touch

By now, an outerwear with utilitarian touch should be on everyone’s wishlist. It’s casual yet can be paired up with even the most feminine dress. It screams that casual chic feel. And this one, is definitely ‘IT’.

Want to see this collection for yourself, ladies? Head over to the nearest Michael Kors store nearest you in the spring.