Yay or Nay: Chanel Boy

We all love Chanel. Signified by its timelessness, quality leather and wearability, Chanel is just one classic brand. Its strongest bag lineup is still its classic line – with its variety of leather, size and hardware. The seasonal line, however, gets me more on the mixed feeling.

Chanel’s newest seasonal craze is the Chanel Boy. Its first release comes out with classic Chanel palette – black, red, gray and beige. Newer releases of Chanel Boy deliver different textures, combination of colors and/or strap size and material. With its long, chunky chain, Chanel Boy can worn on the shoulder or cross-body. I can see faint resemblance to Chanel’s classic line – the square shape and gold chain – while being trendier and more chic, especially in comparison to Chanel’s seasonal releases in the past. While I gravitate to more structured bags, I am undecided on the seemingly rigid shape of Chanel Boy.


I can’t say I’m at all in love with the over-the-top variation of the Chanel Boy, such as the “Versaille-inspired” one on the bottom right square (really, Chanel?). But I’m still on the fence on the more demure ones.

What do you think of Chanel Boy?