Friday Fragrance : Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh

When Deszell asked what fragrance I love, I confidently answered I love Marc Jacobs Daisy.  If you read Friday Fragrance article last week, you may know that I’m in love with Marc Jacobs Daisy Pop Art Limited Edition, and I didn’t expect she gave me this Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh later on.  Can you imagine how excited I was? I’ve been using this fragrance ever since. You might be able tell that I’ve been spraying this perfume everyday just by looking at how much the perfume has been used in a month in the picture below.

Talking about the packaging, at first glance,  it just looks SO BIG.  The box is just bigger in height because the perfume bottle itself is taller and slimmer than the original Daisy.  Similiar with its older sisters, this particular one also has flowers on its cap – a trademark of Daisy Marc Jacobs bottle that I love.  And if you’re familiar with the previous ones, you might notice that this particular cap has more daisies than the others, not to mention there’s even a yellow flower there.  :D

The top notes are raspberry, grapefruit and pear.  I can smell the freshness of those fruits right away!  Followed by wild rose, violet, apple blossom, I think I just spoiled myself with this kind of scent.  The next layers are  plum, cedarwood, and musk notes. The scent is subtle in a floral fruity fresh kind of way, not too sweet, nothing is overpowering, everything is in their perfect dose.  It’s very light and fresh, so I won’t have to worry if I accidentally sprayed too much because this fragrance won’t give me a headache. It’s definitely a fragrance that I’d love to use every single day to accompany me throughout the day.  And I honestly think everyone can wear this fragrance – ladies who are young and young at heart. This perfume is even appropriate for me to give to my grandma.

So, what fragrance are you wearing today, ladies? Don’t be shy to tell us your favourite in the comment box below or you can also tweet us or twitpic your #FridayFragrance to our twitter account.  Happy weekend, everyone! :)