Recent Purchase: Nike Lunar Hyper Workout Training Shoes

What? Sport shoes? It’s my first time writing something for Fit N Fab category? :-). Consider this an achievement, ladies!.
I am actually quite proud of myself on the Fit N Fab level because I’ve been putting serious effort since the beginning of the year. Started from running on the treadmill to trying out Master Bootcamp, Zumba Class, Yoga, Kickboxing, RPM to hiring a personal trainer for two terms of 24 sessions! I don’t know how I have managed it all but I did! Of course being human, I did have days off and skipped exercising for a week or two, but in general I’m pretty consistent with my effort. I even run when I travel, like when I went to Singapore and Bandung last week. I did my first 5K  there. For someone who used to hate running, it’s a huge accomplishment. I still don’t enjoy it a lot, but it’s just the easiest choice most of the time :).

Of course, I wouldn’t be committed to exercise if not for Wulan who has inspired me the most :)

Alright, enough with the prolog! Now on to the shoes. Yes, what else?  In every occasion, us ladies can manage to make shoes the important point. I used to think all exercise shoes are built the same. And they are all ugly anyway, so why bother? But when I started running regularly, I began to feel uncomfortable running in my casual sneakers from Diesel that I have bought in 2008 :D. So I forced myself to invest on the right shoes, the Reebok Realflex. And they’ve made all the difference.

Then I jumped in into strength training and realized that I needed a different kind of support. But these weren’t exactly cheap and it was just hard to believe I would have TWO pairs of exercise shoes :D. It was also hard to believe that I would step into a Nike Store or Sport Station to check out these shoes from time to time.  So I told my self to do spring cleaning and use the money for these. And that’s what I did! So these Nike Lunar Hyper Workout Training Shoes are now mine :).

Sadly I haven’t used them because it’s been a month since the last time I did strength training. Aside from the feminine look that I love, these training shoes feel so light and flexible with enough cushioning. I would imagine they would be perfect for Zumba session, or kickboxing. Since they don’t feel too bulky and I can be as close to the floor at the same time. They’re also good for strength training. I cannot wait to sweat my butt off in these.


For early 2013, my Fit N Fab goal would be to continue running, take regular Zumba & Pilates sessions and occasionally do a Master Bootcamp!

What about yours?