Create Your Own Spa At Home

I love spa. Who doesn’t? Especially after spending long hours at work, it felt so great having my body cleansed and massaged. The scent of spa products also indulge all my senses. For me, the spa experience is able to make me relax and happy. But to be honest, I don’t have the luxury to go to the spa twice a week. I usually get home at night and leave home in the morning. And most of my weekends, I spend it with family and friends. I bet most of you who work (a minimum) from 9 to 5 feel the same way. I tried to find a solution to this and I asked myself whether I can do my own spa at home. The more I thought about it, the more I realized it would save me more time and money if I do my own spa ritual at home!

So, first thing first, I have to find the products. Since this was the very first time for me doing my own spa, I wanted to buy products that are not too expensive but also have the right quality. If you can get good products at an affordable price, why not? When I found out Sariayu has Beauty Spa products, I bought it right away!

Basically, what I need for an at home spa ritual are these 3 products: scrub, olive massage oil, and body lotion. These are what I picked :

  1. Sariayu Eksotika Tanjung Body Scrub (IDR 11,500) – This scrub is useful to remove impurities and dead skin cells and also stimulates skin regeneration. Bunga Tanjung is known for antiseptic properties for inflamed skin.
  2. Sariayu Minyak Urut Zaitun (IDR 23,500) -After the scrub, I continued with olive massage oil. It helps retain skin’s moisture and hydration. Olive massage oil is enriched with rose essential oil that helps provide relaxation and reduce muscle tension.
  3. Sariayu Body Lotion Eksotik (IDR 11,500) – I applied this body lotion after bath to moisturize and keep my skin soft. And I love the scent! I literally left the cap open at night so I can sleep peacefully at night.

With these three, I can indulge in a relaxing spa ritual at home whenever I want it. With IDR 46,500, I have three beauty spa products that I can use for months. That is quite a steal! I’m eyeing the another series already, Mangir Jelita Scrub and Lulur Kencana Bath Soap. I guess it’s fine to put them on my things-to-buy-list because they are so affordable.

If you’re interested to buy or maybe you already have Sariayu Beauty Spa products, how about you join Sariayu Blogger Competition Create Your Own Spa? With minimum three Sariayu beauty spa products, create your best writing or video, as creative as you can on your blog. You might be able to win prizes! There are 3 netbook HP for 3 main winners and 7 hampers from Sariayu for 7 favourite winners.


The contest will end next Friday, so you still have eight days to join the competition. What are you waiting for, bloggers? Click on and join the competition!

Good luck, everyone! :)