Wednesday Wishlist: The Mon Shu Girl Eyelash Curler

I don’t think anyone will debate me when I say that Shu Uemura Eyelashes is of no match! Hands down the best eyelash curler in town. Although their price is quite steep, many still favour this. But really, I weep for every time I have to buy this eyelash curler because quite frankly, I pay 4 times more than what I’d usually do for other eyelash curlers. They don’t sell the pad refill to replace yours. So every once in a while – for me it’s every 2 years, give and take – I need to replace mine.

So this holiday season, the limited edition holiday makeup from Shu Uemura created in collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld, not only gives you colour cosmetics but also tools! One of them is the legendary curler. Everything remains the same; it has the same solid but bouncy rubber pad, strong grip and gives that natural looking but curly eyelash effect. Love! But the only difference is that this limited edition comes with a little miniature of Mon Shu Girl – the iconic wide eyed girl with blunt fringe bob created by Lagerfeld –  that’s hanging at the end of the eyelash curler. And it’s really pretty!

How much? It’s IDR 280,000, and although I have to pay extra, I’m willing to do so, because this one is a limited edition and it’s cute to look at as well.

Talking about holiday makeup releases, I think I’m putting way too many on my wishlist. Do you have any makeup or tools that you want to buy from the holiday collection? Please do spill.