Do You Have Any Music Video That Heavily Influences Your Style?

If there’s ever a music video that influences the way I dress, perhaps even helps shaping up my signature style, that would be Moloko’s Forever More. The single Forever More was released during my final year of university, it was also the year where I moved back to Jakarta after I finished my undergraduate study in Melbourne. It was the period where the remnants of my style as a student back in Melbourne melting with the evolving Jakarta street style. All I can say, it was a good year :)

Though Moloko was more famously known for their Sing it Back single, but the one that truly stuck in my head was this one. It was perfect; song, outfit and choreography-wise. I love what Róisín Murphy wore in the music video: a loose fitted short sleeved black shirt with a cream wide leg pants with a ruch on the waistline. Click the music video and tell me that is not something that you would see me wearing even nowadays?

As I replay this video today, I can’t believe how strongly this music video has influenced my personal style.

My obsession in recreating the look Murphy is carrying with ease in this music video, is what then lends me to my love of loose-fitting attire with light materials. If you see through my Today’s Outfit you’ll notice that I don’t like to wear something too form-fitting, this is too perhaps because I’ve matured up from the days where I’m out and be seen with skimpy outfit, as well as a change in figure, post-pregnancy. I prefer top or blouse made out of light material such as light cotton, chiffon or silk. I have certain affinity toward pieces that have asymmetrical cut or in Hanzky’s word ‘nggak jelas potongannya’.

I also enjoy Murphy’s personal style up until today, she has a penchant for theatrical and quirky outfit and it’s always refreshing, if not entertaining.

By the way, if you happen to enjoy Murphy’s music as well as her voice, she’s still around though not with Moloko anymore. She’s now performing under her own name, maintaining her root in the electronica music style that she knows best.

What about you? Do you have any music video that you think greatly influence your personal style?