Lipstick Monday: Lancome Color Fever Dewy Shine #101

It’s Monday and it’s time for Lipstick Monday. :)  Today, I’d like to share with you the Lancome Color Fever Dewy Shine in #101.  My Mom actually bought this lipstick last year when we were in Singapore and gave it to me.  Hands down, I love this lipstick to death.  I tend to stay away from matte lipstick because it looks so chalky on my dry lips.  I always love any lip products that can give color and also moisturize my lips.  This lipstick literally does both!

Living up to its name, this lipstick literally gives my lips a dewy, shiny color.  I’m still amazed that every time I put this on my lips because I think it’s the only lipstick that does what it promises to do.  I’m more of a  lip gloss kind of girl so I don’t have tons of lipsticks, but this one is definitely one of my top three favorite lip products.  The color looks dark on the tube, but when I applied it on my lips, the color blends nicely and somehow it looks similar with my natural lip color, only this one is *of course* more pigmented, and has the dewy shine effects. I think this is a medium pink color with a touch of brown.  My apology for the dark photo below, but believe me, in real life it looks more subtle.

To be honest, I have mixed feelings about this lipstick.  I love it so much and I feel like I want to use it every single day, but this particular lipstick is not available in Indonesia. The only downside of this product is this one doesn’t last long.  If I eat or drink something, then poof, the color fades.  I don’t mind at all. It’s okay if I have to re-apply it three  to four times a day because I love how it feels on my lips, and I’m a big fan of this color!

So, what lipstick are you wearing today, ladies?