There’s more to Furla than just the Candy Bag!

Don’t believe what I said?

When I came to their ‘Furla & I’ Fall Winter 2012/2013 collection preview, I was taken to a bag heaven where I can’t decide which one I want to bring home. I have been a long fan of Furla bags, because they’re made of good quality leather but they’re not high up there with the top premium designer label bags when it comes to price. What I love as well about Furla is that they always have new things each season, and yet still maintain the classic collection as well,with a new touch. I know the candy bag seems to be everyone’s choice nowadays, but trust me, there are other lovable bags as well at Furla. Especially the leather goods, oh they’re to die for with their nappa leather combines with a touch of neon, animal prints, disco lights reanimation on this season’s design. A fun and feminine style.

The idea is that this season’s collection will take you to a 24-hour tour around the city. Whether it’s coffee in the morning, just another day at work, lunch with the ladies or afternoon high tea and shopping time, there’s always a bag where Furla can paint your day and complete you.

Let’s take a look at what they have in store for us. Don’t expect me to show you any candy bag, because I want to lure you into something beyond the candy. :)

1. Animal Instinct

You get the message right, that animal prints is here to stay, at least for this season. And what a better way to tone down the animal prints trend than to tug it in your hands. Especially when it’s just a hint of it.

2. Channelling the dream to be a doctor

Structured doctor bag never really goes out of style, for as long as you know how to keep it ¬†alive. I love how the structured feel of the bag makes your whole look very preppy. That’s why, this would be the perfect bag for the office or if you want to pull off a classy or preppy look.

3. Going exotic!

This is probably not everyone’s cup of tea, but looking at it, this is about one of the exotic bags that I can actually stomach because they don’t look like a whole crocodile! It’s so cute because they’re available in bright colours. I guess it may at least convince me that it’s time that I go with exotic bags. After all, the bag won’t bite me. :D

4. Furla’s rendition on the disco days

All I can say is that I’m not yet ready to part with all of the neon bright colours. I’m glad that Furla is echoing the same sentiment as mine and dipped their bags in neon. For instance, look how wonderful the piper bag below after undergoing a neon surgery? What otherwise would look very formal for its structured nature, the neon makes it very youthful. We’re definitely ready to disco with this, aren’t we?

5. Everyone’s favourite: the tote!

No need for a further explanation, because the right tote bag, will just steal any woman’s heart right away. They can carry your whole life with you and you can fill it up to the brim and it won’t complain. Why wouldn’t you love it, right? And a good tote will last you a long time. Like the ones below.

So what do you think? Aren’t they gorgeous? Still thinking of getting that candy bag? Think again, because this season’s Furla’s collection will definitely make you wanting something more and beyond than just a candy.