Today’s Outfit; White as the Sky!

As I wrote this on my desk the morning after the Jakarta Fashion Week 2013, I suddenly came to realization that my 10-day fashion party is over now. Now, the real job starts! Sorting through thousands of photos, noting what trends that we’re going to see next year and, of course, writing articles. But before I do all that, I thought I’ll start with the easiest; today’s outfit article of course!

Sober top / ‘S Max Mara baloon Skirt / Raoul bag / Loewe sandals / necklace and bracelet from Bangkok

After 10 days of dressing properly and putting makeup nonstop, I’m going to give myself a break and saying hello to my jeans and slack off a bit.

One of the thing that I’m grateful about is that I have the chance to try the new Acer Ultrabook Aspire S7. Finally! I think the people at Acer are tired of hearing me bugging them about trying out this new baby. I’ve heard so much rave and I really want to get my hands on them. So as soon as they landed in Jakarta, the kind people at Acer let me borrow a unit to try before they go on sale. I’m going to hide this somewhere so that no one can find it when the Acer people come to the office and snatch it back from me *evil laugh*.

I love, LOVE, the sleek white glossy casing. I heard it’s made out of a material called Gorilla Glass. Fierce! It looks even better in real life than in the picture and it also comes in muted brown stylish clutch, that people will probably mistaken as an oversized envelope clutch.

One thing I love so much about this computer is the Windows 8 operating system that works so well with the touch screen. It’s  super cool – for lack of better word to describe it. It looks super posh as I maneuver from one menu to the next at the chic fashion week just by touching the screen on my laptop while everyone else is still using their track pad. HAH! The backlit keyboard really helps me write my articles in the minimal lighting condition of the Fashion Loft.

Here’s the geeky part, I had to ask the Chief Geek to explain it to me in short why this computer is super fast. First, it’s running on Intel Core i7-3517UB CPU processor, which means it’s the Ferrari in the processor world! And since the hard disk is 256GB SSD, it processes everything much quicker. When I mean quicker, like one fifth than what it would normally take you.

I was amazed on how the thousands of photos that I had to sort through just opened up without any waiting time as I slid through from one picture to the next. The colour also shows brilliantly on the 13.3-inch screen.

In short, there’s no way am going to give this back to Acer! I love it too much!