Muslim Fashion-Key Looks from the Catwalk

The 10 days of Jakarta Fashion Week 2013 festivities are finally behind us. Reports and runway photos have all been posted all over the media.

Fashion is something that always has something new to bring each season, though oftentimes trends tend to get recycled with a new twist. Especially after Fashion Week, trends can be quiet overwhelming because of the amount of information that we feed you. We try to round up some key pieces from the catwalks and what will stay for this season and the next, and what can be applied in real life from the runway. The real question is which trend will you be wearing?

Particularly in  Muslim fashion, some notable names in the fashion industry still grabbed the most attention. They brought along trends that were quite inspirational and gave the most value for wear- ability and versatility to their collections. Young up and coming designers also took an important role in the Muslim fashion trend in Indonesia, which is modern and youthful. Reinventing traditional fabric and heritage inspired look took center stage. Less flowy and more structured trends were presented for the next year’s Muslim fashion trend. Below are some of the key pieces of the Muslim fashion trend that we believe hijabers must have in their closets.


1. Turban

For practical reason and a way to give a fashion statement to an outfit, turban is always an option to be incorporated with Muslim outfits. Leave the bulky, enormous head wraps behind, hijabers now prefer simpler and easy to wear headscarves. Opt more on leaner turban with a twist, giving enough layers as we see fit.

Ria Miranda

Monika Jufry


2. Feather accessories

We spotted feather for headscarf accessories, especially peacocks, recently. Well known for her thorough selection and detailed execution on veils, Irna Mutiara’s elegant canary inspired style of these light and fluffy feather accessories are perfect to be worn for a special occasion.

Irna Mutiara

Restu Anggraini



3. Plaid pattern

Preppy, yet chic, plaid is a classic that’s constantly being reinvented. Along with simpler, geometric checkered patterns, we spotted on Hannie Hananto’s soldier look, Nuniek Mawardi’s island’s escape, and Nieta Hidayani’s collection. Structured dress? Done. Long tousled scarf? Done. Try these every which way you can and prepare to rock the look.

Hannie Hananto

Nuniek Mawardi


4. Shades of blue

Designers were generous to throw lots of blue scheme during the Fashion Week. From the irresistible soft pastel blue of Ria Miranda, the midnight sparkly blue of Monika Jufry, striking bold blue of Noni Zakiah to everlasting navy blue of Hannie Hananto. You decide. I just can’t wait to add some more blue in my closet.

Monika Jufry

Ria Miranda

Noni Zakiah

Hannie Hananto


5. Texturized

Get that distinguished look with a textured garment, even a 3D- effect material. An all over pleat contour by Iva Lativah, or a special attention to either top or bottom piece, just like the one from Kaisara by Faradina, complete with pattern, structure, and texture. Worthy to be put on my wish list.


Iva Lativah




6. Vertical colorblock

Surely an idea we can work on, given its slimming silhouette thus bring us a more proportional look. A black and white dress in vertical colorblock, such a neutral, yet elegant look.




So, any of them caught your attention? Do tell us. :)