Adventures in the Life of a Makeup Addict: the Random Finds Edition

Recently I was browsing in a small supermarket in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, and came across this product: Safi Minyak Zaitun Plus Ros Hip.  I bought a small bottle and tried it for a few days. Liking the results, I went back and bought a couple more of this product in the largest bottles I could find. That got me thinking. There’s been a few outstanding products I randomly find on travels. Random meaning that they were found accidentally, and because it isn’t a big brand, and don’t have a dedicated counter, may not be there again for the next visit. Let me share a few.

Safi Minyak Zaitun Plus Ros Hip

I was actually drawn to this product because it contains rosehip oil (or more precisely, Rosa Canina seed extract). Rosehip oil is becoming very popular recently due to its many touted benefits such as brightening and clarifying of the skin. I’ve also been using product containing rosehip oil on my face, and like the result. Products containing rosehip oil can be expensive though, so seeing this product at a relatively cheap price, I did not hesitate in buying one to try.

In addition to olive and rosehip oil, this product lists Vitamin A (Retinyl Palmitate), Vitamin C (Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate), and Vitamin E (Tocopheryl Acetate) as its ingredients. The texture is a transparent, colorless, light oil that’s absorbed by the skin quickly. There is a pleasant floral fragrance that is not too strong. Slather on a slightly wet skin after a bath to help lock in moisture and give skin a soft glow. I also poured a whole small bottle (50ml) in a hot bath where I soaked and scrubbed myself. When I got out, my body is relaxed and the  skin moist, ready for a great night’s sleep.

I don’t remember how much this was, but definitely on the cheap side; it must have been less than IDR 20,000 for a 150ml bottle.


Qianle eyeshadow trio

I found this little eye shadow palette at a traditional market in Phnom Penh. I’ve never heard of the brand before, so I wasn’t sure then if it’s a copycat or fake product of some big brand. The packaging is of course reminiscent of Anna Sui. What drew me to it is the color combination. It was dirt cheap, so even without testing, I grabbed it and went my way.

The colors turn out to be highly pigmented with a brilliant shine and soft shimmer. I very rarely use this palette because I’m actually kind of worried about what it may contain. But you won’t see me throwing this away anytime soon. I whip it out once in a while when I need a boost of happy colors on my eyes.


Liliane France eyeshadow duo

Yes, another eyeshadow palette, this time the Liliane France eyeshadow duo palette in Mousson,  or monsoon in English. I found this little gem in a sale of bric a brac at Pasaraya Blok M. Pasaraya used to have these wonderful sales of imported items, where you find a lot of gems at rock bottom prices, most of all perfumes. It was in one of those sales that I found this gem, more than ten years ago.

The color is a true, medium shimmery purple and a very, very soft lilac bordering frosty. The purple is also great as eyeliner, and both color together go well with fuchsia lips. I haven’t seen other Liliane France products since then, so I’ll definitely treasure this little palette. Perhaps they can even be donated to a museum one day. Hahahaaha.

So there go my stories. Let’s hear yours!



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  • solaia

    Got mine also at Pasaraya Blok M. The Courreges cosmetics counter was closing and I got several eyeshadow palette at 70% off. Very pigmented with smooth shimmer :)