New Found Love: The Wrekso Leather Satchel Bags

I first encountered Wrekso bag when I was browsing through Rakuten for the Clozette Daily’s Rakuten Belanja Fashion Finds contest, where we had to pick five fashion items from Rakuten and put it on our wish list. At that time, I was already on a search for a sturdy satchel bag that can be used as an everyday bag. So I put the satchel from Nature Leather Shop in Rakuten to my wish list. The brand of the bag is Wrekso.

I got in touch with the owner and quized him from A to Z on why the bags from Wrekso are  so expensive! Most of the medium-sized satchels cost more than IDR 1,500,000. It turns out, those bags are made out of grade-A cow leather with 2.2 – 2.4 mm thickness. They’re tanned using vegetarian materials that are environmentally friendly and it took them for almost a month. Since the material of the bag itself is already really good on its own, they don’t use much colouring, so the original texture of the leather is still visible. It then took them another 1 to 2 weeks to do this colouring process.

And you know what I just found out? The strap of the satchel bag came from the back area of the cow, as well as the front and back part of the bag, whereas the side areas of the bag used the tummy area of the cow. Ok, I know, too much information. But it’s really interesting to really hear the story of their craftsmanship.

What really convinced me of this brand is that they explained how they’re very picky about the other materials that they’re using, such as choosing nylon triple bonded thread for the bag so that it’s sturdy and strong and able to carry the weight of whatever you’re putting inside your bag (usually the weight of the leather itself is too heavy for a normal thread to handle). And I love how the lining on the baseline is well made.

Imagine the time and effort it took to create one bag? It made me appreciate the bag more once I know the story. It’s definitely something that will stand the test of time and I can pass it down to my daughter.

I did end up getting something from Wrekso, although not the original bag I wanted.

Instead, I chose this blue mini satchel because the colour is so alluring. A very vivid cobalt blue! I love the simplicity of the bag. But don’t worry; the medium satchel (that’s able to fit my 13.3″ laptop) is definitely on my wish list. This one is also available in several other yummy colours :)

It fits my agenda and wallet (with a matching colour, that’s purely accidental) and it has two pouches on the front part that I can use to put my mobile phone and name card holder or iPod.


If you’re interested to get yourself a Wrekso bag, you can visit their store at Rakuten through this link.

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      Kebetulan emang cocok itu :D

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    just info : these bags still on sale this month :)

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