JFW2013; Around The World with 12 IPMI Designers

Think globally, act locally. This idiom best described IPMI (Indonesian Fashion Designer Council) spirit of their show Globalination during Jakarta Fashion Week 2013. It was also a celebration of 26 years of IPMI existence in shaping Indonesian fashion, inspired by the beauty of Indonesia. IPMI designers have long been consistent in introducing Indonesian culture through fashion all over the world. ‘Globalination’ gathered inspirations from 12 countries around the world, translated into more than 60 looks in 12 sequences.

“Why don’t we take global inspirations, compose into our own character and interpretation, meet the demand for quality and global taste and the goal is our local brand will emerge and go international”, stated Ari Seputra, one of the designers. 12 designers were involved in this show, and they chose each theme based on personal experience and preference over a specific country. The designers and the chosen countries are Ari Seputra – India, Carmanita – Morocco, Tuty Cholid – Middle East, Liliana Lim – Korea, Yongki Budisutisna – Japan, Syahreza Muslim – China, Era Soekamto – Egypt, Valentino Napitupulu – Tibet, Adrianto Halim – Scotland, Kanaya Tabitha – Canada, Denny Wirawan – Mexico, Chossy Latu – USA (Las Vegas).

As for me personally, ‘Globalination’ was one very interesting show during JFW 2013, as you could expect different looks in one show. They only mentioned designers’ name in each sequence, so we were very eager to see which collection belonged to which designer. The designs were expected to be a collection of ready-to-wear, but apparently some were too costume-y and felt like an imitation of some country’s traditional dress. Apart from that, it was great to see how a specific part of a country inspired them and turned into a brilliant piece. Take Yongki Budisutisna, for instance, whose collections inspired from ‘Shokotendo’, the daughter of Yakuza leader. We wouldn’t find kimono or yukata in this, instead a dark, tough yet girly pieces which reminded us of the dark streets in Tokyo years ago.

To make this as interesting as the original show, from the 12 photos below, I’ll let you guess which collection is coming from which country. Well some are pretty obvious so I bet you’ll be able to figure it out. :)