Trend Alert: Streak of Peplum at Dian Pelangi’s

It’s a new ‘season’ in fashion, and ready to ditch your peplum? Not just yet! Especially since peplum trend is still going to stay for now, as mentioned on Glamour magazine, “We called the peplum one of the most wearable trends of the Spring 2012 season, so it’s a good thing it stayed strong for Fall 2012.”

I rarely catch a peplum style be applied on long skirt, Bottega venetta and d’Squared are some of  a few names who pop peplum on long skirt and dress. Peplum for hijab outfitter? Why not? This is what Dian Pelangi brings this season.

I catch her wearing peplum skirt on her own, at the IIFF fashion show backstage. According to her, the thing with peplum is, you get to use the perfect material to get the desired wave effect, and of course, specific technique in sewing it. As you can see, the peplum skirt she worn in the picture below is just the perfect example of what she was saying.

Too bad this item isn’t for sale (yet). But as I browse more, skirt isn’t the only article she puts peplum on. Who doesn’t know her signature songket coat? Songket has become popular in Dian’s hand, by transforming them into many stylish coats and tops. Take, for example, how Dian wears it in the picture below, she manages to make it look chic and modern, by combining it with kain, sarong or a long dress. The key is, your willingness to try to mix and match. And if I see another common pattern here is that Dian was playing bravely with colors. Her songket coat/top range from IDR 750,000- IDR 2,000,000.



Dian Pelangi attending Independence Day ceremony

peplum songket coat on fashion show in Bandung

peplum batik coat on fashion show in Beograd

But peplum is not something you can pull off easily. Its shape could be something of a dressing challenge, if you’re not familiar yet with the look. Make sure the tip of the wave is laid right at your waist. When it falls just below your waistline, it makes your body image appear shorter.  Also, make sure that the length of the peplum part is just perfect, not too long or too short.

Other tip, for hijaber, if you sport a peplum skirt, better pair it with top, plus cardigan or short outerwear, to conceal those ultrafemme shilouette. And peplum top always a safer choice than the skirt, sharia-wise.

If you have any other tip, please do share it with us.