Blogger du Jour: Pattern Play With Atlantic-Pacific

Admit it, you’re hopping from one fashion blog to another just to ogle on the wonderful pictures and seek inspiration. If I would want to read an interesting blog, I would follow someone else :) At least, that is my point of view on fashion blog. I always skim through the copywriting and just dive right into admiring the beautiful and inspiring photographs on fashion blogs. That’s why I always love fashion blog who put more effort into their photograph, portrayal of different scenery and set up, as well as those who have given some serious thoughts on the diversity of their photos. It shows that the fashion blogger really have a knack in visual stimulation for their reader.

That’s why, the minute I laid my eyes on Blair Eadie’s blog, Atlantic-Pacific, I completely fell in love. It has very little copywriting for one, non-existent even, except of the description of the items that she’s using, and the photos are just breathtaking. You see lots of colours and pattern everywhere. This is one fashion blog that is really inspiring. Especially for me, who love to stick with black dress, it has convinced me that I need to wear more colours and never to be afraid to play with patterns. Mix it up, if you may.

Here are five reasons why I love Blair Eadie style.

1. She make the idea of pattern clashing to be a reality instead of just an idea in the sun. It’s not just a style that’s only fitting for the runway.

2. Over-the-top accessories that don’t translate into over-the-top look

3. Layer, layer and layer! Jacket, blazer, coat? You name it!

4. Peplum is not a difficult piece to work with, it’s as versatile as a shift dress

5. Plethora of contrast. You see from the pictures above that she loves to combine colours, and aren’t afraid to go all out. But what I love the most is how brave she combines pieces that otherwise look too polished or feminine, with something that are casual or masculine, to create different dynamic to the whole ensemble. It truly takes a talent to dress just like her. I find it inspiring, because now I know that perhaps my safari jacket doesn’t have to be worn only with my pants, I can also wear it my super feminine maxi dress. Even shapes, I’ve seen her pull off such a contrasting shapes, that works so well together.


So what do you think? Don’t you think her style is so inspiring and contagious? I’ve been wearing something more colourful for the last several of days :)