Today’s Outfit: Meeting Dian Pelangi at IIFF 2012

I got the chance to cover the first day of Indonesia Islamic Fashion Fair (IFFF) 2012, from opening ceremony to fashion show backstage. We’re very excited to have participated in this particular event, especially to witness how IIFF gets bigger and bigger each year. This is the place and opportunity to explore Indonesian talents in the creative industry, especially in the fashion sector. And this event would be the core for something remarkable in muslim fashion roadmap.

Secondly, we’re also a media partner in this event. See how we fully support muslim fashion Industry to be the leader in its own country, and the world, someday :) We also get the chance to look over fashion show backstage.

So the highlight of my today’s outfit is this blue ‘kain melayu’. This is supposed to be used with ‘baju kurung’ top, like those east coast Sumatran traditional costume. I adore this kain melayu, especially for its plaid pattern and a gold emboss as lining. Well, if you wish to hunt something like this, Pekanbaru is the right place. They have many beautiful kain melayu (well, I don’t know if they we’re shipped from Malaysia, but we definitely have our own Melayu culture).

And using kain/sarong as everyday’s outfit, I was truly inspired from some fashion muse, such as Taruna Kusmayadi, Irna Mutiara and Diaz Parzada -Creative Director Femina Group-, as they wear it in almost every occasion.

shawl: HijabOnlineStore| top: Jenahara | bottom: custom made kain Melayu | wedges: Hush Puppies | bag: (X) S.M.L


With Dian Pelangi a moment before backstage. Don’t worry, we’ll have more backstage stories to tell you as well as updates from Dian Pelangi. Yes, in case you’re curious, she’s 172cm and wearing 12cm high heels :)

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  • DesZeLL

    Good idea to wear kain for a skirt. I’ll try this too someday. And loving the shoes :)

  • bibliophile

    I dont really like fashion which Dian Pelangi brings. TABARRUJ aka berlebih-lebihan.

  • bibliophile

    I dont really like fashion in muslimah that many people bring . TABARRUJ aka berlebih-lebihan.

    • ketupatkartini

      me.. i like some of those, and i dont like some other. mudah-mudahan bisa diambil positifnya aja :D

  • nenglita

    Lucu deh, Nis!
    Btw, iya, euy Dian mah udah tinggi terus seneng pake wedges. Makin menjulang aja deh :)

    • ketupatkartini

      hehehe iyaa Lit, the higher the merrier katanya :p
      thank youuu

  • nurulch

    lucuuu mbak nisaaa :) me love it! di Medan juga banyak lohh sarung Melayu itu, eikke punya rok seperti itu kotak2 pink.. atasan Jenahara juga punya hihiihihihi

    • ketupatkartini

      Nuruul, iyaa i love sarung kotak2 (bukan sarung bapak2 yaaa :D)
      yaaah,,,telat ya, mau nitip. dah balik jakarta kan pastinyaaa?

  • mediana ganie

    rok dari sarung,ternyata bisa jd ide bagus…boleh deh diccoba kapan2.. :)