I Beat the Heat of Yogyakarta with SPF!

The last couple of weeks prior to Ramadan, I spend it on business travels out of town. But it’s unlike any business trip you might imagine, this one was super fun! What was fun: a trip to Yogyakarta for Pond’s and Vaseline event ‘SPF And The City’. Sounds super chic, right? I was imagining Sarah Jessica Parker tiptoeing around Malioboro, with the Sex And The City soundtrack playing on the background.

It was unbelievably hot in Yogyakarta when we arrived there! I felt that the sun had twice as much power in that city compared to Jakarta, and I’ve already complained so much about the heat of Jakarta, so imagine that. I felt like my face was burning from the heat! Luckily, we got a full armor of sun protection to help us beat the heat of Yogyakarta.

Pond’s UV Protection Cream SPF 15 ¬†and Vaseline Aloe Fresh SPF 24 to protect me from the UV radiation

I love media trip where not only you get to have fun (I spent a good amount of time shopping at Malioboro, I went crazy there :)) but also you learn a lot from it.

Do you know that consumers in Indonesia rank as one of the lowest in regards to caring about sun protection? Sad but true! That’s why, here in Fashionese Daily, we never stop reminding you of how important it is to use sun protection to protect your skin from UV radiation. If you’re not a believer yet in the importance of sunscreens, you’d better read the article that Leija’s posted a while ago to see the real danger in not using sunscreen.

Facts are, there are many negative effects from not using sunscreen, among others: uneven skin tone, sun burn, freckles and photo aging. The last one is the scariest, because it makes your skin ages much faster, resulting in fine lines unearthed much earlier, as well as visible pigmentation on the skin, dullness in texture and also unevenness, and the loss of skin’s elasticity. Phew! Now, after all this, tell me that you’re still not convinced to use sunscreen!

The two harmful UV radiations for our skin are UVA and UVB. Therefore, it is important to choose one that offers broad spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB. How do you know that? They both indicate the level of SPF (Sun Protection Factor) against UVB and PA (Protection Grade) of UVA. It’s best to apply sun protection products 30 minutes before you head out in the sun.

Now the good news is, both Pond’s and Vaseline have included sun protection into their products, so you need not to worry about it anymore. I love how thoughtful they are, as most of products in the line is available with and without sun protection. So you still got to wear your favorite product, day and night.

Maintenance is as important as protection, so don’t forget to always cleanse and moisturize your face well after a long day outside.

Pond’s White Beauty Protection Cream offers protection and nourishment for your skin at the same time

Vaseline Healthy Sunblock is a water-resistant and broad-spectrum sunscreen which is perfect for any outdoor activity, when you want to be out in the sun

Gives your skin a treat after a long day with a night cream that give them nourishment like Pond’s White Beauty Pinkish White Night Cream