Yay or Nay: Marion Cotillard Orange Eyeshadow

At the New York’s premier of The Dark Knight Rises, Marion Cotillard was seen sporting the colour of the year on her eye lids.

We’ve seen it on the lips and cheeks, but I haven’t quite yet seen anyone done it like Cotillard where she swept the whole peachy orange on her lids.

At a glance, she looked fresh and her pale complexion served as a perfect canvas to the colour.

And the dress that she wore is just breathtaking.

Up close, why did the first image that comes to my mind is swollen eye lids? Really, it looks too much. I rather she do a gradation eye makeup look than a single colour on the lids. Combining it with a more nude, gold or copper tone on the lids.

I would love to hear your thoughts. What do you think, girls? Is it a big yay or a total nay? We let you decide!


* Photos courtesy of Bellasugar.com, JustJared and Bellasugar.com.au