Let’s Give Your Tired Shoes a Makeover

You have favorite shoes that have been beaten to death, but you don’t want to part with them just yet? Don’t lose hope, Captain Fix or Stop n Go can do their little trick for the poor shoes and transform them into looking presentable again. That’s what I did last weekend and now I feel like having four new shoes. Who can resists a shopping experience without spending a lot of money :o)

1. Mossimo Peep Toe with Giraffe Prints

These are one of my favorite shoes but I haven’t worn them for a long time because the faux leather is starting to peel off. You see on the left picture, the front part and the heels are totally ruined. Looks like a dog has been playing with them. Captain Fix said it’s easy to fix them. Better yet, he replaced the faux leather with real leather for better durability. And voila, with just IDR 100,000 my shoes look flawless again.

2. Jimmy Choo Grey Pumps

If you’ve been following my Today’s Outfit, you’ve seen these shoes a lot. These shoes are definitely one of my best buys. I bought them in late 2008 (or was it early 2009) and have been my go to shoes most of the time. Standing on them for the whole day is never been a problem. Too bad, being a clumsy me, I haven’t really giving them the care they needed. Heels got chipped, thanks to pavement blocks that always get my heels stucked. The top edge is starting to peel too since it gets rubbed to my jeans all the time, so a white surface appeared. You know what they did? They used something like a grey marker to make the white color less visible, as you can see the difference from the left picture and the right picture.


3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Flats

As much as I love these flats, they are too small for me even though they are a size 7. I guess the ruched back and side makes them tigther than the usual fit. I have only used them once or twice and was selling them in MarketPlaza. After a while, I decided to just bring them together with the other shoes and ask Captain Fix to enlarge the shoes, making them longer just a little bit. And that’s what they did. I am amazed that these shoes now fit me perfectly and I don’t have to buy new flats. Yay!


4. Prada Nude Heels

I have  been craving for a pair of quality nude shoes since quite a while ago. I even made it into my wishlist for my birthday last year. But I haven’t seen them around in town until my recent trip to Singapore. I bought these babies with me and don’t want to make the same mistake again with my previous shoes. I resoled the front part before wearing them.

Check out the yucky picture below. That’s what happen to our shoes, they endure a pretty hard life you know. They have to hold our weight, get stepped on and have to touch surfaces from office floor to soil to asphalt and God know what other things they have to touch. The sole will inevitably get thinner and soon you will have to replace the whole thing. They may or may not have the same comfort after they have been resoled. So in order to avoid that, you have to place an extra sole in the front part. When they get thinner, all you have to do is replace that part instead of the whole thing.

Left picture is the original sole and right one is with the additional sole. Besides giving them extra protection, the extra sole is less slippery too, which is an extra safety for us. Don’t worry if you have sole in other colors, they should have every color imaginable. Including red to match your Louboutin.


So here are my new babies :)