What Do You Think of Foundation With Added Benefits?

I found out lately that there are more and more foundations that are marketed to be more than just foundation. In fact, they don’t normally behave like foundation. They don’t have colour and tone variations, very little or even zero coverage, and the highlight of the product seems to be heavily placed on the added benefits for the skin rather than the normal characteristics of conventional foundations.

Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation ($38) | Clinique Redness Solutions Makeup SPF 15 ($26)
Sampar Glamour Shots (IDR 595,000) | Josie Maran Argan Matchmaker Serum Foundation ($42)

These foundations above are some of the finds that I lately discovered. I’m sure there will be plenty more. The Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation provides an age-fighting benefit with SPF 30 protection, it has natural coverage, very natural. It doesn’t have tone selection but it melts right into the skin. Got the chance to swatch this and I think people looking for dewy finish that usually came from BB Cream will love this. Having very little tint, it goes quite well for every skintone. The only problem is that it’s very expensive. Somewhere around SGD 90 in Singapore! Don’t know whether I want to actually cough up that much of money for foundation. I rather rely on adding serum.

Clinique Redness Solutions Makeup on the other hand could be an alternative for those having sensitive or redness phase on their skin. I know how hard it could be finding skincare that works for you under this circumstances, let alone a foundation. But if you want to cover those redness with something, than this is it. Infused with probiotics, antioxidants and SPF to help skin’s barrier. And it’s reasonably priced as well.

My current favourite, and also Affi‘s, is the Sampar Glamour Shots. Both of us do not have any adverse reaction using this product. It keeps the face matte the whole day, though it’s colourless. You can read my full review here. But the best thing about it is that it contains oatmeal whereby it will help to give skin a barrier and has calming effect.

The last one is from Josie Maran’s renowned Argan line. A foundation that has three choices of tone – light, medium and deep -, it’s white on the bottle but turn into your skin tone colour once applied. The problem with this, you’ll never get an exact match; but with the wonders of argan oil has been foretold in so many different ways that you might as well add this to your routine. It’s somewhere around SGD 78 at Sephora Singapore.

What do you think about these products – the foundations that aren’t exactly foundations, but with added benefits? Would you trade your coverage for the added benefit? Or the flawless finish? What do you usually looking for in a foundation?