Work Wardrobe Upgrade: Blazers & Danglers

Our work wardrobe can get boring a little too soon. I don’t know about you, but I definitely have limited items to rotate from Monday to Friday. Things get trickier when we work for companies with a more conservative environment. I, for one, can’t wear casual trousers (let alone jeans), and sleeveless is a no-no.

A blazer or cardigan is a must-have item for your work wardrobe. It pairs up nicely with skirts or pants, and it gets some mileage into sleeveless tops without showing too much skin.

For blazers, opt for one that is lightweight to allow movements and tone down that super formal-ness that usually airs from heavier blazers. As for cardigans, look for those with more structure. In contrary to the blazers, structured cardigans amp a bit of work-appropriateness without looking too casual. I am also a big fan of waterfall cardigans. This piece is so versatile on and off hours, I can’t help to always have it handy for weekdays and weekends.


As for accessories, dangling necklace with pendants adds some color to the work getup. It is making a statement without going overboard. It also comes off nicely with blazers and cardigans, filling in that void on the center of your figure.

I find some of these danglers over at Elizabeth Wahyu and Tea Label, my two go-to labels for local accessories brands. Mango has some pretty choices too, taking shapes of fish, acorns and feathers.


How do you like these work wardrobe upgraders?


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