5 Ways to Keep Your Skincare Fresh

I take it that we all here are wise enough to pay attention to the expiry date of our skincare products and never to use it again once it’s due. And also, the length of time the product can used after it is opened?  Yeah we all know that :) In case you’re unsure, the product packaging usually have that little bottle image with the months written inside (see the picture on the right). It’s important to always pay attention to the expiry date of your skincare products, more so than makeup, because skincare products are made from different ingredients which can be volatile or unstable if stored in long period of time. It can cause irritation and give adverse effects to the skin, rather than keeping your skin looking great :)

Other than knowing the expiry date of your skincare products, what other things that you can do to keep it stay fresh?

Photo: askanesthetician.wordpress.com and Skincaregateaway

  1. Always scoop your skincare that is place on a jar with spatula so you don’t transfer any bacteria to the packaging and product thus ruining the product.
  2. Close the lid as soon as you are finished taking out the product from its container – not after you’re finished applying it to your face. Be it moisturizer in a jar, toner from flip top bottle or serum.
  3. Store your skincare products away from direct sunlight, hot, damp and moist place, since it will degrade the product quality.
  4. Never, ever, put back whatever product that you’ve scoop or spill out of the container, even though you feel you take it too much! What you can do, is apply it somewhere else, i.e. neck or bust area :)
  5. If you can’t always remember when you purchase them, be sure to label them. Put the date of the first day you open the product, as well as the expiration date that sometimes put on the box packaging instead on the product itself.  That way, you’ll remember when your skincare will be out of date.

What about you? What have you done to keep your skincare stay fresh?