Nirmana Award: Local Talents With International Accomplishments

The granting night of the Nirmana Award is approaching fast. I don’t think Indonesia is short of people with creative minds. No, we’re far from that. Sadly, they don’t get enough exposure nor recognition they deserve. That is what Nirmana Award is trying to provide – a bridge between the people within the creative industry. One way is by holding the competition for young Indonesian designers. Can’t wait to see who have been shortlisted as the finalists and their accomplishments! Nirmana Award night will be held on 27 May 2012. We’ll keep you posted with the result :)

“Design is Everywhere!” according to the Nirmana Team. We even have local talents with international accomplishments that we may not be familiar with because of the lack of recognition. Who am I talking about? Some of these young talents below is an example…

1. Rini Sugianto – The lead animator behind The Adventure of Tintin: Secret of The Unicorn

Little that we know that there’s an Indonesian behind the creation of The Adventure of Tintin: Secret of The Unicorn. But if you see the credit title of the Steven Spielberg’s creation, you’ll definitely will read Rini’s name on it as the lead animator. She works with a team of animator for this animated film. Currently work and reside in New Zealand, Rini has approximately done around 70 shots from this film. A notable accomplishment, indeed.

2. Chris Lie – GI Joe and Transformers Action Figure Designer

You know those little action figures that you bought in the toys store? Chris Lie is among one of the notable designers for action figures. GI Joe and Transformers action figures are among many that he has done. It all started when he work as intern in one of renown comic publisher companies named Devil’s Due Publishing (DDP) when he was studying for his postgraduate degree at Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, United States.

When he came back to Indonesia after he finished with his study, he created his own studio named Caravan, and continued to work on action figures design. Caravan studio produces comic and illustration for many internationally-recognized companies. One of his notable accomplishments is the published comic titled Drafted (2007) that he created with Mark Powers, X-Men comic serial editor.

3. Henricus Kusbiantoro – A World Class Logo Designer

If you’ve seen the logo of The Emmy Awards, Samsung Beijing Olympics 2008, FIFA World Cup and Japan Airlines, those are the works of Henricus. Hailed from Bandung and now resides in San Francisco, he’s currently the Senior Art Director for Landor Associates. He’s also the first graphic designer winner from Indonesia who won the prestigious D & AD London Merit Award in 2007 for his creation on RED logo, which is a logo he created for international campaign on AIDS.

So many young talents with such achievements we haven’t heard yet. That’s why it’s good to have something like Nirmana Award, so that we can focus on the positive efforts that the Indonesian people have made, rather that keep on looking on the negative issues plastering all over the news all the time. This is giving a new positive vibe :)