Good Hair Day All Day Long with Sunsilk Frizz & Weather Defense

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Who has the time to style her hair each morning, every single day? I know I don’t have that much time in the world. I’m pretty sure most of you reading this don’t have that luxury either. That’s why I hate it when my hair products are not making my life easier.

Three bad hair tragedies that I hate the most:

  1. After 30 minutes hair styling my hair with hair dryer in the morning, then in a minutes of afternoon my “perfectly done” hair becoming limp and looks a mess, Thank you to pollution and hot weather.
  2. Finding out that, once again, the nasty UV rays have caused my perfectly-tamed hair to go haywire, frizzy and tangled by mid-day.
  3. That leave on cream only work momentarily in the morning, then let you down by the afternoon.

Believe it or not, these bad hair day situations happen to me quite often. If these happen to you too, keep on reading!

Finding the perfect and affordable hair products that doesn’t weigh down my hair and effortlessly maintain my hair’s finesse all day long is a challenge. I want a premium product with an affordable, off-the-counter solution!

I came across this TVC of Sunsilk’s new range: Sunsilk Frizz & Weather Defense, with weather shielding technology and UV filter.


Coincidently, I was on the last drop of my previous hair care routine, so this new range just came right in time. In the same afternoon that I saw this TVC, Vanya told me that Sunsilk team had just sent me a package of their newest range. Oh yes, that is one major perk of working in the media, you get to try on the new products first.

I was pretty confident about this range because I’ve had such a good experience with Sunsilk Smooth & Silk range.

What is Sunsilk Frizz & Weather Defense?

It’s the only product in the mass market that offers solution to the challenges that we face in hot tropical weather. Hot weather, pollution, and UV light threaten the well being of our hair. Sunsilk Frizz & Weather Defense contains frizz-taming technology & UV Filters that able to keep your hair stays in shape for 24 hours. I really think this product is worth to try.

The Sunsilk Frizz & Weather Defense Range

The range includes Shampoo that will cleanse your hair thoroughly. There is also conditioner to nourish your beautiful hair, the frizz-taming technology and weather shielding will adds up the shiny and the smooth feeling anyone’s desire.

The highlight for this Sunsilk co-creation product is the Sunsilk Frizz & Weather Defense Light Cream On, fast becoming my favourite, because it is easy to use and you don’t need to rinse this off. Use it often and trust me it will keep your hairstyle ON, for 24 hours.

I also consider this product as ‘hair sunscreen’ if there’s such a thing, because the product contains UV filters and protect your hair from damages caused by UV rays.

Sunsilk Frizz & Weather Defense Frizz Light Cream On also comes in sachet packaging, which I always keep one or two in my makeup pouch. So if I forget to use it in the morning, I can always apply it on my way to work.

So, whether it rains or shines, my hair doesn’t look frizzy at all. It still look shiny and healthy, thanks to the new Sunsilk Frizz & Weather Defense.