Today’s Outfit: Not All Beige Are the Same

I consider beige to be as essential as black. But when an event called for a beige outfit, I find myself panicking. Dress code sometimes does that to you. Especially when it’s meant to be worn for the launching of the book that you co-author, the Mommies Daily Pregnancy Checklist Book. I decided to keep it simple, with a solid-coloured dress with not much detail. There’s hardly no room for mistakes when you keep it simple.

Dress: Normi
Bag: Furla, so happy that they’re now back in Jakarta :)
Shoes: Casadei

Beige was also the dress code for the rest of the Women Wired Weekend crew Day 1. We spent most of our time either in the mini stage at the Market Plaza area, or at the conference venue. There were so many things happening at once that day, so we make it a point that the outfits that we were wearing are comfortable. That’s why I chose this slouchy sling bag, because it’s very roomy and it slung nicely on my hips. The shoes, though they are high heels, but is one of the most comfortable pairs I own.

Some of the Female Daily girls on our beige outfit :)