Clarisonic Mia: The Review

Eventually, I bought this Clarisonic Mia after Deszell had introduced it to me a year ago and then, Orangeginger, another FD fellow, got herself one of these as well six months ago. She said she loves it dearly.

While I am writing this review, I have been using it for over three weeks, with more than 10 times of uses (I lost count). My plan is to use my Mia on every other day for one month, and reduce the frequency for twice a week thereafter. I read couple of reviews where they do not suggest using it every day. Twice or thrice a week is the best. It’s just like how you do with your scrub-wash, you surely do not want to have it on your face every single day.

Want to know more about it? Let’s!

Where can I get it and how much?

The nearest is at Sephora Singapore. Currently they only carry the Mia in white, which comes with S$245 price tag. They are having a promotion, when you spend more than S$240 in one bill, you get S$40 voucher, which can be redeemed directly. You can add on an extra brush head with that voucher. However, if you get used to order things online and in this case, you want to try your luck to get it on a cheaper price or simply because you don’t like your Mia to be plain white, go online shopping! The safest and fastest place would be, which I got mine from. Why? Just because of the two reasons I mentioned above, cheaper price and I want my Mia in bright colour. And custom-wise, shipping goods to Singapore is usually fuss-free. The price may be vary from US$108 up to US$119 and you’ll be able to pick on the colour of your choice, such as white, pink, blue, berry, coral, fuchsia. I got my berry Mia for about US$125, including shipping to Singapore.

What I will get:

  • One Clarisonic Mia device in your choice of colour
  • One brush head (sensitive type)
  • One internationally-accepted charger (you still need an adapter, as it comes with a US-plug)
  • One sample size Clarisonic cleanser

How it works:

  • I start it by removing makeups/sunblock residue/dirt with my cleansing oil as I always do every night.
  • Quickly washing my skin with my regular washing foam, about 10-15 seconds only to make the foam evenly spread over my facial skin.
  • Then I switch the button on and use it for one minute as it will automatically shut off when required time is fulfilled. I start brushing my forehead, and then moving to right cheek, nose, left cheek, chin, and repeat the cheek and nose parts as they seem to be the skin’s favorite nests of sebum and blackheads. Note: do not press the brush too hard as it will reduce effectiveness.
  • After Mia stops, I quickly clean the brush head and thoroughly rinse my facial skin.
  • Put the brush head cap on and let the device dry naturally. I lay mine on a sheet of small towel.
  • Dry my face gently and continue with my regular skincare regimen.

How does it affect my facial skin’s condition?

First day:

My facial skin did feel superbly clean! Last time I felt like that was about two years ago when I regularly had facial treatments at a beauty clinic in Kuala Lumpur. A little drawback was my skin felt dryer than usual. However, the dry feeling just disappeared right after I put my skin care on.

First week:

Besides cleaner feeling, I can see that my pores around inner cheek and nose have slightly tightened. My toner and moisturizer have absorbed better since, and I could notice that my facial skin has been brighter as well. But, I got minor dry skin flakes around my nose.

Third week:

So far, it gives results as it promises. Less obvious pores, cleaner feeling, brighter appearance, and I come to realize that it has been more than a month since my last attempt on extracting blackhead over my nose. Nice, isn’t it?

So, do I love it? Do I think it is worth the hefty price?

Yes, I love it much. For me personally, it is a worthwhile beauty gadget, and yes, I’m glad that I decided to give her a chance. Here’s the thing, whereas most of you who live in Indonesia can easily find beauty clinics that offer an affordable facial treatment, here in Singapore, I don’t have such luxury as I must pay at least S$100++ for a very basic treatment. Thus, having a Clarisonic Mia helps me a lot. An investment, I might say. :D:D

Should you, ladies, get one for yourself, too?

I’ll say, if you have the budget and you can get your hands on it with a little effort, and then go buy it! It is one of those things that is awesomely nice to have. Although, honestly speaking, you won’t miss anything by not having it. You know what I mean, right?