Get Your Fix of Indonesian Young Designer Pieces at

Here at Fashionese Daily, we are all about supporting up and coming local brands and designers. Unfortunately, some of these local brands are not so widely available for purchase, especially for those who do not live in the capital city. We were psyched to learn that is here to provide you  with a place where you can shop 24/7 for the young Indonesian brands items, such as Geulis, M.Y.E., Hunting Fields, and Capital T., among many others.

Ratimaya started as a venture of a group of friends who recognized the emergence of local fashion designers trying to build their brands and capture the market. Considering the rise of these young designers, and the Internet usage in and of itself, Ratimaya decided to create a website to bring together these designers. The philosophy that Ratimaya holds is that they want to increase the appreciation of Indonesia brands by the Indonesian people. The paradigm has been to think that clothing by overseas brands is of better quality. Little did people know that these overseas brands manufacture their items in Indonesia, in cities like Bandung (notable examples are Banana Republic, Lacoste, Nike).  The group behind Ratimaya consists of people with different expertise – business and marketing, information technology, and fashion enthusiast. Combining the different disciplines, they are bringing you an online shopping experience that is consumer-oriented while promoting local brands.

Now, onto the gist. The website interface is clean and easy to the eye. And, if you open the website through your smart phone, the mobile web version will automatically show up. I hope more online stores would do this, so we don’t have to struggle with tiny fonts and heavy-loading page while browsing with our smartphones. The clothes are modeled professionally and in ways that are pretty clear to see.

Ratimaya not only carry clothes for men and women, but they also offer accessories, shoes, and has even started carrying children’s clothes (Mommies, take note!), a growing segment in the local fashion industry. The number of young local brands they are having at the website is quite many, and they are affordable too. Obviously, I always hope that they carry more labels and more pieces!

I have shopped at Ratimaya for several times now. My orders have always arrived timely and neatly packaged (it’s always good to see that packing sleeve on my desk when I come home from work!). The payment process is straightforward, and you can choose to pay by bank transfer and Paypal. Convenience and selection are really the biggest reasons why I choose to buy from Ratimaya. Even though I live in Jakarta and have access to all of the brands, sometimes I just don’t want to handle traffic, parking and all that; I don’t always have the time to browse for clothes in normal business hours either. For you who live outside the capital city, as Ratimaya ships nationwide, you finally can get your hands on this young designers’ pieces that are not yet available in your city.

The fun part! Here are my picks from Ratimaya current selections. I think they are so wearable and fresh!


Left to Right: ‘Symphony’ blouse (Geulis, Rp 295,000) ; ‘Louis’ draped top (Hunting Fields, Rp 340,000) ; ‘Triple Tee’ sheer top (M.Y.E., Rp 275,000) ; Terracotta pattern skirt (Capital T., Rp 300,000) ; ‘Quartet’ pants (Geulis, Rp 325,000)


L-R: ‘Guida’ dress (16DS, Rp 245,000) ; ‘Black & White Drapery’ dress (M.Y.E., Rp 385,000) ; ‘Amapola’ dress (Geulis, Rp 475,000)


Clockwise: collar blazer (Capital T., Rp 300,000) ; ‘Demy’ blazer (16DS, Rp 325,000) ; ‘Double Sided’ tote (Maleo, Rp 175,000); ‘Dayak Chain’ bracelet (Antyk Butyk, Rp 150,000) ; ‘Castee’ ring (Kaligula, Rp 125,000); ‘Meow’ and ‘Rabbit’ wooden brooch (Wood Wood, Rp 45,000 each)

Ratimaya strives to add new labels to their collection. However, they also want to keep the venture exclusive, so that the quality is maintained. They plan to do at least four photo shoots every year, bringing you new collection from the labels every season. But, because the system that Ratimaya built enables the designers to upload new items by themselves, so it’s best to visit often!

The fabulous crew of Ratimaya has been generous enough to give away an exclusive discount code for Fashionese Daily readers! Score! Get 10% off your purchase at by entering the discount code: FashioneseDaily. You can use this code for every purchase (not just one time!) you make at until the end of September. Be sure to check them out today!


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