CLEAR Scalp & Hair Treatment Range, The Right Treatment for Scalp and Hair

It’s not only hair that deserves to be treated, our scalp also needs the right treatment too. Treating our scalp could be a confusing matter, as most haircare products focus on nourishing the hair shaft. If we apply the wrong product on the scalp, it’s possible that the scalp could get greasy and in turn, promotes dandruff.

We don’t need to worry anymore, CLEAR has launched CLEAR Soft & Strong series. CLEAR Strong & Soft is enriched withNutrium 10, a formulation consisting of vitamins and minerals to nourish both scalp and hair. Therefore, our hair will be 10 times stronger and dandruff free.

How does Nutrium 10 works?

  1. Nourishes deeply into 3 layers of scalp
  2. Combats dandruff, overcomes itchy scalp and dry hair
  3. Nourishes scalp and protects hair from the root to end

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Strong & Soft 2-in-1 with creambath nutrients

This shampoo promises that hair will feel soft and be 10 times stronger. Since CLEAR Strong & Soft shampoo launched months ago, I have been using it and have finished three bottles of it. This shampoo is a great choice whenever I wash my hair in a rush, and need to skip applying conditioner. I feel this shampoo is nourishing enough to make my hair smooth without additional conditioner. This is also perfect on those times when my scalp feels dry and a bit itchy. I don’t know if there’s any connection between coloring my hair and dry scalp, but since I colored my hair, sometimes my scalp feels dry, itchy and sometime there’s dandruff too. These are the moments when this shampoo provides relief to my scalp situation. My scalp gets healthy and dandruff-free while my hair is now stronger than before.

Nourishing Conditioner Scalp & Hair Treatment (for dry scalp and weak hair)

Healthy hair begins with healthy scalp. That is why using conditioner only onto the hair is not enough. However, if we don’t choose the right conditioner for both our hair and scalp, it could promote dandruff. Very few, if any, conditioners in the market are formulated for scalp health. CLEAR’s idea to create this scalp and hair conditioner is brilliant. In addition to the Nutrium 10, this conditioner is enriched with lipid booster to maintain hair strength from root to end. For maximum result, leave the conditioner for 2 minutes before you rinse it well. Together with the shampoo, they are great solution to make your hair 10 times stronger and dandruff-free.

3 Minute Scalp & Hair Treatment Creambath

It promises to make the hair soft and stronger in just 3 minutes. Use this product once in a week to give that extra treatment to your dry and weak hair. After shampooing, apply this product onto the hair and scalp and wait for 3 minutes before rinsing.

This product brings so much convenience in treating our hair. First, unlike other creambath products, it needs no steamer or hot towel to maximize the product effect. Then, it only asks for 3 minutes leave-on time. The simpler and less time-consuming a hair treatment is, the happier (and more consistent) in doing the routine, aren’t we? The last reason is it nourishes both the hair and scalp without the greasy or heavy feeling afterwards. The good thing is, the claims that this product makes my hair 10 times stronger and dandruff-free seems to be true. My hair doesn’t fall, break and split easily since I started using CLEAR Soft & Strong 3-Minute Scalp and Hair Treatment Creambath.

Strong & Soft Scalp & Hair Intensive 7-Day Treatment

The claim is to get the hair softer and stronger in 7 days. It’s great to be applied on chemically-treated hair (rebonding, perming, bleaching and the like). The product restores scalp’s nutrition and revitalizes hair strength from root to end, and makes it soft.
After shampooing, apply the product onto scalp and hair, massage it, and rinse well. For best result, use 1 tube every day for 7 days.  Even though my hair is often exposed to unfriendly conditions such as the extreme heat of Jakarta, now my scalp never feels itchy or dry anymore. I suspect it’s because of this intensive treatment. My hair also gets stronger and dandruff-free after using this product regularly.

When to Use The Right Products?

  • To wash your hair daily, use CLEAR Soft & Strong Anti Dandruff Shampoo
  • After shampooing your hair daily, use CLEAR Soft & Strong Nourishing Conditioner
  • To give extra nourishment to your hair once a week, use CLEAR Soft & Strong 3-Minute Scalp and Hair Treatment Creambath
  • To give intensive treatment when your hair feels extremely dry, or after your hair is being chemically treated, use CLEAR Soft & Strong Scalp and Hair 7-Day Treatment regularly in 7 days.

Now you get the answer to your scalp and hair problem!

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