Obsessing Over Zara Superskinny Jeans

Ever since I got pregnant and have kids, I haven’t quite rekindled my relationship with jeans, which saddens me because I was a jeans girl before. Jeans solved many of my what-to-wear problems because I can just throw on a t-shirt, a pretty blouse or a blazer, with flats or heels depending on the occasion and then I’m good to go. But that’s not the case anymore now because my jeans are too tight to the point that even Spanx doesn’t help anymore *insert crying emoticon here*. Sure, I still wore some of my jeans that fit, but I don’t find them flattering. I wore them because I had no choice. I have also given up finding the one that works for my body type. Until I found theseĀ Overdye Superskinny Jeans from Zara!.

The name is a bit intimidating and thank God I tried them on without knowing what it’s called. Otherwise I would have put them back, certain that they would not fit me, just like when I tried any other jeans post-pregnancy, I didn’t put too much hope because I’d been heart broken for so many times. But as soon I slipped these over my legs, zipped and buttoned it, I knew we’re meant to be together! These jeans have everything I look for in jeans, such as:

  • Perfect length for a shortie like me. No need to get them altered
  • These are skinny jeans but have 2 percent of elastic material so it’s stretch a little bit. Unlike many other stretchy jeans, these mold into your body shape and even though I’ve been wearing them again and again, for long period at a time, these don’t lose their shape.
  • The waist sits just above the belly button, great to avoid that muffin top.
  • There is no distressed wash around the knee which on me usually fall in between my ankle and my knee and make me look even shorter
  • The color is great for casual or dressy occasion
  • They have zipper opening in the back, that will come in handy if I want to wear strappy shoes or booties.
  • The price is Rp799,999 (or was it 899,000?), a bit pricier since Zara jeans fall into the range of Rp 500,000-ish. But for something I love, knowing I’m going to wear countless of time and feeling good while wearing them, it’s definitely worth it.

Can’t never thank these jeans enough for giving me the joy of wearing jeans again :).