What Happened at Martha Tilaar Beautifying Indonesia Conference 2012

There’s one big difference in Martha Tilaar Beautifying Indonesia Conference 2012 compared to previous events. This time it happened at the same time and place with Indonesia Fashion Week, because the Martha Tilaar Group wanted to show its support to local fashion industry. Makeup and hairdo of 600 models in Indonesia Fashion Week were supported by Sariayu, one of the brands within the Indonesian beauty group.

Martha Tilaar saw Indonesia Fashion Week 2012 as the right moment to hold Beautifying Indonesia Conference (BIC) and actualized its four objectives: Beauty Education, Beauty Culture, Beauty Green and Empowering Women. In this third BIC, Martha Tillar Group presented various seminars and activities from its brands. Dewi Sri Spa, Biokos and Salon Day Spa presented “The Latest Trend of Spa and Skin Care Business” with Dr. Abraham. Arimuko (dermatologist), Melinda Yon (Managing Director 360 Spa Solutions) and Wulan Tilaar (Director of Martha Tilaar Group) were invited as the speakers. There was also Spa & Skin Care Business Seminar for all professionals and spa or salon owners.

PAC Martha Tilaar presented “The Fashion Painter Parade” that show various and colorful face paintings. The show collaborated with four Indonesian fashion designers who designed the outfit. They are Rudy Chandra, Jeanny Ang, Sofie and Era Soekamto.

Last but not least, Sariayu held “Eastern Inspiration For Your Beauty” that consisted of beauty class, talkshow, trend show and book launching. Can you imagine Plenary Hall JCC full of women practicing makeup steps? As many as 3,000 participants joined Sariayu beauty class! The participants also had the chance to attend ‘How To Communicate Your Beauty’ talkshow.

Sariayu launched a book titled The True Exotic Colours of Indonesia which compiles 26 years of Sariayu Trend Warna. To top it off, Sariayu showcased Trend Warna 2012: Etnika Nusa Tenggara on stage. Of course, products under Martha Tilaar Group were available for purchase too.

It was all fun, yet informative. We are definitely looking forward to more events by the Martha Tilaar Group!